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Tranparent Struggles with Portion Control

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
There are some very exciting new developments heading your way via Health Hungry - and I'm SUPER excited about them... they've been on the back burner for multiple reasons, but no more!  Details will follow...
On a personal front, I am struggling with portion control, portion control, portion control.  My other big challenge to tackle; moving more.  No matter how healthy the foods that I'm eating are - I still desire balance.
Tranparent Struggles with Portion ControlThis tasty granola, made at my favorite local coffee shop, Thatcher's, is so good, but 1/4 cup is the typical serving for granola. Does anyone really eat 1/4 cup?!  I am finding that with granola, I can't stop until the bag is gone.  While eating a bag of granola is improvement over a bag of chips, or a pint of ice cream - there is still work to be done...
Tranparent Struggles with Portion ControlWe finally "bit the bullet" and bought a small dining room table.  Graham and I have lived together close to two years and have eaten at a table in our home three times.  That's just not right - it's been a pleasure to set a table, and act like adults.
Tranparent Struggles with Portion Control Lemon ice water in a stemless wine glass; gotta love the simple things!
Tranparent Struggles with Portion ControlI finally got to New Season's today to do some grocery shopping and thought I'd try a new gluten free pizza, though it was tough since I LOVE the "Against the Grain" one I normally buy.  If it ain't broke...
Tranparent Struggles with Portion ControlThis pizza cooked very strangely - where the toppings immediately bubbled up in the oven and resulted in this outside edge being much more done than the center.  I wouldn't buy it again - I found the crust to be okay, the flavor was just not what I was looking for - AND it had a whole paragraph of ingredients.  However - even bad pizza is good pizza and I scarf it down with no regard to serving size.  This one serves "2" according to the box, and 1 according to my lack of portion control. 
It's very challenging to summon the willingness to share my struggles on here - as this is my business, and I know better.  But I believe in the power of being myself, and being completely transparent.  There are a lot of things that have led to my struggle with weight - two of the things that I struggle with - that are actually within my control are;
1) how much/what I eat
2) how much(or how little) I move
I refuse to perpetuate the myth that health professionals are all perfectly healthy and without their own struggles; it's just not the case.  I share my journey - the good and the bad - not to be judged, but to offer others with similar struggles a sense of normalcy.  I want to combat the shame of feeling as if you are the only one... you aren't.  I also want to challenge the idea that only the perfectly healed(there is no such person) can help others overcome struggle.  Who better to help than someone who has been there - and who understands the fight?!  Even the "healthiest" individual has battles, and health is an ever changing dynamic in all of our lives.

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