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Traitmarker: Melissa the Framer

Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Pomozone @pomozone


Melissa has agreat job that makes her good money. Her boss has just offered her a promotionthat comes with a sizeable bonus, a generous pay raise, and increased benefits,including a company car. All she has to do is sign the contract tomorrowmorning.

The only problem is that Melissa is a Framer. For fourteen years she haswatched the gap between upper management and employees widen, and she haswatched the profit margins grow at the expense of employee pay and benefits.She’s consistently tried to find some way to resolve these divisions in a waythat would benefit all parties involved. 

Melissa is eager to take the job undera couple of conditions. First of all, she wants to work for the same pay inorder to remain connected to employees. Secondly, she’d like some say in theway management works, at least in her department. Melissa knows that thispromotion is not really about her; it’s about all of the people she canhelp.  Signing away the next five yearsof her life could gain her a better working environment for employees and aclear conscience for upper management. She’s willing to strike a deal to improveeveryone’s lives, because a stress-free work environment means more to her thanpersonal gain. Why does Melissa alwayshave to put herself in the middle of conflict?

According to traitMarker, Melissa has over 18 different ways to make adecision in her best interest. Right now, Melissa’s dominant strain conflictswith the supportive and reserve strains of her traitMark. 

She’s not evenconsidering her own, very real financial needs or the healthy separation shelacks between personal feelings and work. That’s because Melissa’s dominanttendency turns a great stepping stone for career advancement into a platformfor social change, even if she becomes the scapegoat for any fallout. Melissaneeds help. She can get it. For $19.99.

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