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Traitmarker: Bill the Dreamer

Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Pomozone @pomozone
Bill has a great job that makes him good money. His boss has just offeredhim a promotion that comes with a sizeable bonus, a generous pay raise, andincreased benefits, including a company car. All he has to do is sign thecontract tomorrow morning.
The only problem is that Bill is a Dreamer. He secretly despises his job,which for fourteen years now has only been a means to an end. He’s alwayswanted to start his own business but has struggled to find the time to dothat with the demands of his current job. 

Bill has actually been having a hardtime getting to sleep lately.  He’s beenvisibly irritable, and he’s not eating healthy.  He hasn’t exercised in a while, either. Hefeels that signing away the next five years of his life would mean that hislife is over. He knows what he wants to do, but he doesn’t know what choice he’llactually make until the pressure escalates at the contract signing. His lifecould change in twelve hours. He could be a corporate fat cat, literally.  Or he could easily find himself out of a job bytomorrow morning.  Maybe he’ll just staywhere he is, marking time and getting grayer. Why does he have to be so fickle?

According to traitMarker, Bill has over 18 different ways to make adecision in his best interest. Right now, Bill’s dominant strain is at war withthe supportive and reserve strains of his traitMark. Notice that Bill’sconsiderations do not involve looking for another job, developing an actualbusiness plan for his own start-up, or even consulting his significant other,best friend, or advisors. That’s because Bill’s dominant tendency turns suchseemingly simple decisions into an intensely personal inner-struggle about hislife’s purpose. If he keeps trucking along without considering his options,Bill is probably going to jeopardize his health by worrying himself sick,provoke drama at home or amongst close friends, or view his employer aspredatory and ultimately the source of his inner conflict. Bill needs help. He can get it. For $19.99.

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