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Traditional Music, Song, and Dance

By Ros @scotlandphohos

Traditional music, song, and dance photos

I’ve been taking traditional music, song, and dance photos at a wide range of events for a number of years. One thing that has become evident to me is that there’s a large number of individuals and small organisations putting on events across the country. Many of them don’t have easy access to good quality photos for publicising those events. I’m now in the process of putting together a library of digital images, which are available to buy at a reasonable price. Any of these images can be used for the purpose of promoting Scotland and Scottish culture.

I’ll be adding to the photo library over time, with pictures of ceilidhs, song and music workshops, step dancing, pub sessions, gigs and concerts, as well as a wide variety of musical instruments.

If you are organising, or know of an event where I would be able to take photos to add to the library, please get in touch.

The photos are available to view on the Photography Scotland website shop pages.


Traditional music, song, and dance photos



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