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Traditional Indian Homes

By Vsudarsan
I'm thrilled to take you on an architectural world tour - starting with Indian homes! I plan to feature different interiors such as -- Spanish, Scandinavian, Mexican, French, and so on in the near future. I can see myself living happily in any style... and I absolutely admire each and every decor style.
Traditional Indian homes are typically decorated in rich colors, and intricate patterns. You will also find exotic textiles, and embroidered tapestry around the home. My favorite is a wooden swing which magically hangs in the living room. I have experienced this in my home in India and I can tell you -- all it takes is a few moments on a rocking swing to completely relax. Ornate furniture in dark wood seems to blend well in ethnic homes; whereas, the newer and more modern homes are leaning towards using the lighter color.
I fell in love with each and everyone of these rooms I've shared here. They are - ethnic, traditional, eclectic, cozy, charming and absolutely amazing. Do you agree with me? Look forward to hearing from you!
Traditional Indian Homes with a swingvia: clouds-rain-and-sunshine.blogspot.com
Traditional Indian Homes with a Swingvia: kibadesign.in
Traditional Indian Homevia: apartmenttherapy
Traditional Indian Homes with large paintingsvia: kwikdeko
Traditional Indian Homes with a great viewvia: hpmirrorTraditional Indian Homevia:coloursdekor.blogspot.comTraditional Indian Home with gallery wallvia: pinterestTraditional Indian Homevia: desiretoinspireTraditional Indian Homevia: pinterest
Traditional Indian Homevia: apartmenttherapy

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