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A Warm Welcome to 2019

By Vsudarsan

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year to you all! Even though, New Year seems to be quite monotonous for our planet Earth and our star Sun, it is a big deal for us. January 1st is the first day Earth's next round around the orbit starts. But for us, humans, it somehow feels like a fresh beginning, a new hope and lots to look forward to in the upcoming year. I am so glad we feel this way! Aren't you happy that we celebrate the eve and have enough reasons to be cheerful?

With all the new resolutions and regrets from the past year, our mind can just be filled with thoughts. A slight pause can itself be refreshing, and for someone like me just spotting flowers in-between rocks is like receiving a blessing. Any of these below will certainly bring a smile to my face and lighten up my thoughts for that moment.

A Warm Welcome to 2019

Well, I'm so glad that you visited me today! I do hope to share more content with you this year. Before you leave, please do leave me your New Year thoughts!

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