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Tradeshow Marketing Trends

Posted on the 26 February 2013 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

Business owners are allocating more of their marketing budgets for conventions and tradeshows. Optimism about these channels is returning after a few rough years. cites the following tradeshow marketing trends that will continue to show strong growth in 2013:

Social media. More businesses now rely on various forms of social media than ever before. While Facebook continues to be an overwhelming favorite with companies of all sizes, newer social media venues such as Foursquare and Twitter are also becoming powerful ways to market booth attractions. These will be used in new and innovative ways as savvy business owners and advertisers begin to micro-target specific demographics through tradeshow marketing that takes advantage of viral advertising, blogs, and podcasts.

Green marketing. Consumers are more aware of environmental and ecological concerns. Using green tradeshow attractions and offering eco-friendly promotional items like solar powered pedometers or biodegradable pens can enhance tradeshow marketing efforts as well as a company’s overall image.

Regional Appeal. Tradeshow experts have noticed that the most promising promotional products and tradeshow attractions seem to be those that use an interesting blend of universal and regional facets. As a result, more tradeshow marketing dollars will be spent in 2013 on promotional items and convention marketing efforts that are regional in nature.

Gaming. Educating potential customers and holding their interest will increasingly mean that tradeshow marketing has to entertain in order to reach customers where they live. Smart convention marketing planners will make learning about their company’s products and services rewarding and fun with booth attractions that feature game play. Whether they offer scratch off cards as promotional giveaways or create buyer incentive programs that require some sort of game play for a bigger pay-off, more tradeshow attractions than ever will feature interactive participation in some way.

Conflicting Demographics. As non-traditional roles in the home, non-traditional ways of doing business, and an increasing disconnect between perceptions of the norm and reality grows, tradeshow marketers will need to find ways to reach a more diverse audience with marketing efforts that are highly targeted without being exclusive. The right tradeshow attractions will have to meet the needs and expectations of the many without the message becoming too vague.

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