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Track and Ensure Your Child Safety with Star Easyfone.

By Themommytale

Motherhood not just brings joy to our life but also brings along with it a certain amount of worry and fear for the safety of the child. Right from the day, the child is born a mother worries about every small little thing related to the child, from the right nutrition, upbringing, to the safety.

Like other mums, I have always been worried about letting my child go out of my sight. However, in order to let them grow and become an independent individual, it's required to let them choose their own paths and walk alone.

Being a smart mum of today's time, I found my solution and way to keep my dear at bay with the easy phone which is a simple yet quite powerful telecare solution to stay connected with my child while she is outside. And also helps in ensuring her safety.

Here I am sharing a review of a Star Easyfone today. These Star Easyfone are specially designed keeping the child's understanding of technology in mind. They can easily operate this phone and carry along without causing any harm to the child unlike other smartphones

It is the first phone ever launched in India with safety features specially designed for a child. Here, sharing some important facts for Easy phone Star.

1.Complete Parental control and watch over the Phone usage:

Star Easy phone - Star can be tracked via its website using a laptop and a parent can easily track all the activities including phone numbers, calls, messages, alarms etc. Being a mom if I wish my child should not get a call during a particular time so I can easily set a do not disturb time zone for the phone using the handset settings.

2. Parents can be a spy too:

Parents of our generation are called helicopter parents. We always wish to get involved in what our child is doing, what is he or she talking about to whom, is he studying in tuition class or just talking to his friends. Star Easyfone has this option where we can set it to auto receive and with this, we can hear and get an understanding that exactly what my child is doing or talking.

3.No Internet No Apps:

Yes, this is the first phone ever that has no internet still can send you the location via GPS. As there is no internet so unnecessary apps can be stored in the phone. So as Mom I don't have stress regarding screen time, internet, security etc.

4.SOS button:

In the recent times we have seen there are many instances around, where a child's safety was at stake. The phone has a fantastic feature of SOS button. In case of any kind of emergency, a child has to send an SOS message via this button. Childs location will be sent to the 4 stored/preferred numbers.

5. Look and display features:

This phone is easy to operate. It's a nice handset with the 4 pictures on the keypad. Kids may or may not remember the number of mom or dad, so they have to just press the picture button and call. Screen display has minimal items and with clear and defined display options.

Some of the additional and amazing Key features from the phone:

1. Safety Ring for total security:

With the settings, we can restrict outbound calls to the specified limited numbers maximum to 20 numbers only. This way a child has no access to the other random numbers. The same way we can select callers for incoming calls maximum to the 20 specified numbers via a feature of whitelist. The Star Easy phone gives discrete listening features. We mom's keep worrying about our love bundles, this phone gives you a wellness update at specified times daily from our child. The child has to just press a button. And above all the menu is tamper proof.

2. Star Easyfone comes with GPS:

GPS option in the phone has some amazing features. As a mom, I can check or track location any time of my child as well as I can fix 8 different time slots in a day to get the location updates. The feature of GPS is also supported when SOS is triggered.

3. Help Button:

This is a unique feature in this phone with just a single press button triggers and gives a siren alert to nearby people or strangers. It also sends a help message to emergency contacts in addition to GPS location. Not only this but the phone will keep calling repeatedly 3 times to the stored emergency numbers till someone answers the phone.

4. Child's personal organizer:

Now it's not only me who helps my child to become more responsible or organized. This phone also supports the user with the feature My day- by this setting reminder for medicine, study, birthday Party etc can be set. In the same way, this one setting allows setting a Do Not disturb time for the child and phone will go automatically on silent.

5. Using the phone is a child's play:

I remember while teaching my child to remember my number, she took so much time. This Star Easyfone gives a picture-based calling key where a child will just press the button and call. Phone settings are in my control, menu options are simple to understand. The phone comes with a cradle charger so charging again is easy.

  • Hardware features.
  • 1.77-inch Screen
  • 2G - Quad band
  • Lightweight - only 71gms
  • 800 MAH battery
  • Cradle charger
  • Lanyard Capable.

Available at Amazon, Flipkart, or

I salute the brain behind designing of this Star Easyfone. They have absolutely understood a mother or rather parents major concerns related to the safety of the child. I have found this phone to be absolutely useful and would recommend it to other moms who continuously worry about their child and want to ensure their safety at all times of the day.

Go ahead and order now.

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