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Tracey 2.5 Years Later: 34W to a Size 4

By Beliteweight @BeLiteWeight

Tracey 2.5 Years Later: 34W to a Size 4

It is truly special for the team at BeLiteWeight to hear from a patient that has found the long term success that they were hoping to achieve. 2 and a half years ago Tracy embarked on her journey with the Gastric Sleeve and chose our surgical team in Juarez Mexico led by Dr. Rodriguez and his excellent group of surgeons. She looks like a whole new person and we could not be more proud to share her letter!

Good afternoon!-
I wanted to share my update with everyone. On the day of my surgery i weighed in at 430 pounds. Two and a half years after Dr. Jose Rodriguez Villareal did his magic i now weigh 115 pounds. I've dropped from a 34W to a size 4. People who haven't seen me in years are amazed. I'm really amazed that I don't have more loose skin than i do. (I recommend to anyone who has had this surgery to drink plenty of water whole you're losing weight to help with the skin elasticity. ). Thank you so much to BeLiteWeight and Dr. Jose Rodriguez Villareal for saving my life!!

What an impressive job you have done Tracy!! With all of the hard work and progress you have made there is no limit to what is coming next!

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Tracey 2.5 Years Later: 34W to a Size 4

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