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Touched by an Angel

By Ccook10599 @ccook10599
Just Me!
Have you ever just sat back and reflected on your life and thought about where life has taken you ? Myself personally I have a lot to be thankful for, although it has not been all a bed of roses and I have hit many bumps that life  has placed in my way but being raised to believe in "GOD" and when times get rough and they often times do I put my trust in him and I keep going!
Sometimes I'd like to re-live some of the those days years or months that I reflect on but I don't think I would change a thing because I believe that I am all the better for the things that my past has tought me.
I look and listen to the poor children today that are committing suicide after being bullied in their schools or neighborhoods and I often wonder "Why!" We can no longer blame the faculty of the schools due to the fact that todays laws and society has tied their hands from punishing students who do harm to others, if I remember correctly no one ever died from being punished by the schools faculty in my day and believe me I had been punished a many a day when I was in school by the teachers and guess what I lived through it and you better believe I did not disrupt class again.
When I was in school I was not the school jock although I did play sports but was more or less the team player and not the team leader being smaller than most of the team. I remember being bullied but I had a shield and my protector was "GOD." I was a Alter boy and enjoyed being a member of our church so when I would be asked to serve Mass on Saturday I didn't mind, I often thought about becoming a priest but my grades weren't good enough to get me into the seminary. That never stopped me from feeling close to my best friend "GOD."
I believe that "ME" time is most important today  and as I am writing this post I'm thinking about todays interactions with Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and on and on ! We have become to much of a social dependent society have we lost "ME?" I can remember as a child I would ask to go out to play and if there were no friends around I could still have a great day! Oh, being the typical boy that I was climb the tree in the backyard eat Blackberries look into the sky and watch the clouds flout by or a plane fly by and imagine that I was on my way going to some far away exotic Island (who would have thought that one day it would happen). Many times I would take off on my bike and visit my favorite babysitter Museum of Science and Industry not far from the house and at that time free to enter, I could spend the whole day there and it never seemed to get old. I guest what I am trying to say is that we all have so many gifts that surround us if we would just take the time to see them. Let the mouse go, release the ipod, turn-off the cell phone, put the game controller down and get out and do what we often called it Explore !
For all that read this post remember it's not what others think about you that counts but it's what's inside your heart and mind and soul that will make you truly you ! If you don't have much, make the best of what you do have I've been there, some of my best memories with family. Most of all thank "GOD" for giving you your most important gift for without it you would be helpless in making a difference in your life and the life of others and that is your health! Life can be so wonderful and rewarding if you would take the time to enjoy it.
Until my next post "Peace."

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