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September Than It Must Be “OKTOBERFEST!”

By Ccook10599 @ccook10599

September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”Itsyourthingtravels

 Someone once said that if it’s September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

I moved from Europe in 2009 and it is hard for me to believe that 7 years has past so quickly. Oh how I truly miss this time of the year in Germany!

September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

During my stay in Germany I was able to enjoy one of the greatest times of the year there other than Christmas to be cover later, and I just thought that I would share with my readers.

I borrowed this video from Harriman Travels due the fact that when I went to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany after a couple Liters of Augustiner Beer or maybe it was the Helles Lagers I forgot to take pictures much less video

Actually I do remember taking a video I just can’t remember where I stored it, really good Beer !

September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

There is no other…

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September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

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