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Torn Paper Animal Collage

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Torn Paper Animal CollageI really love torn edges and all the irregularities that come with them. Kids tend to want the control of the shapes they make by using scissors, but with practice they can learn to appreciate the benefits of tearing too. I think it works especially well when fuzzy edges are called for.1. Each student will need several magazines to look through. I recommend that they look for a page that has a lot of one color, and they let that determine which animal they will make. For instance, a page with a lot of brown could be a horse or a dog.
2. The students tear out lots of pieces of their chosen color, and glue them down on a white paper with glue sticks. The best results come when their are no straight lines left on the shapes, only torn edges. It’s easiest if they start “building” the main body first, and then add head and legs and so on.
3. When the animal is complete a marker may be used to add an eye.
CA Visual Art Standard: Grade Kindergarten
2.3 Make a collage with cut or torn paper shapes/forms.

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