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Top Tips To Prevent Rape

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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NOTICE* This blog post in no ways condones nor suggests that women should even have to prevent rape. Rape destroys lives. These tips have been suggested and added in the hope of raising awareness of rape.

Top Tips To Prevent Rape – Written By An Anonymous Blog Reader & Victim Of Rape

Hairstyle; For instance ponytails if you have long hair are common. Having your hair up in a ponytail can be used as a weapon. Its there to be grabbed and if yanked hard enough in one go you could be pulled to the floor.

Clothes; The basic principle is the fiddlier the better. If you wear a short skirt wear shorts underneath. They take longer to get down and its ten times harder if your struggling.

Wear belts that have more than one fastening. Thick belts that are time consuming will give you precious seconds to scream or bite or kick.

Skin tight trousers are good as they are also difficult to get off. They cant be ripped off.

Your handbag; This doesn’t mean your phone it can be something reasonably small but effective  A travel can of hairspray in the eyes is cheaper than pepper spray and will cause pain and blindness, thereby giving you the chance to run or scream for help.

Elastic bands- when flicked in the eyes or face can stun and give you a few seconds.

A book can be used to hit and hurt.

Keys- aim for the eyes or ears or stomach, even the throat if need be.

Carry your keys in your hand while walking home.

Never accept a drink;  from a stranger and never leave your drink unattended and return to it. It only takes one min to be spiked and then your powerless.

Car keys: carry them with you in your pocket and if you think your being followed dont use them to unlock your car till you can touch your door. Car keys can be a weapon too. As can your car door if thrown open at the right time. 6. Your phone. Don’t put it in your handbag. Pocket it. If there’s someone following you there’s a fake call that’s on most phones where at the touch of one button your phone rings as if someones calling you. Pretend to talk.

Its also been documented that a rapist will be put off if your talking as its a potential witness and alert to the fact somethings wrong if he was to jump you.  If there’s a bit of distance ring 999 and talk as you walk.

Shoes; High heels are great for stabbing with. If you need to run take them off and hold one if you can. If you need to defend yourself hit his groin. If hes hurt there he cant use it.

Your voice; If your out and in a bad situation then your voice could make the difference. Scream, yell, anything to get attention. If someone hears you they may help you.

Use your brain ;  Don’t walk in dimly lit areas alone. It might take longer to get home but stick to lit areas where there’s more chance you could see people.

Listen;  Listen to everything around you and listen for footsteps. If you hear them stop. If they stop then walk faster then stop a few feet later. Walk off into the other side of the road. Listen to the other footsteps. Do they follow? If they do run. Run and shout as hard as you can. Draw attention to yourself. The more attention you bring the less chance anyone will try to grab you.

Stay safe. Feel free to add any tips …

Written anonymously for the blog from a women who was the victim of rape*

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