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Top Tips For Making Better Investment Decisions

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Rachelcool01
You may be thinking about investments in a serious manner for the first time, or could have lost a considerable amount of money in the past. Either way, it’s understandable that you should wish to look for a successful investment strategy for the coming years.
There’s absolutely no doubt that finding the right investments can be a difficult process. In part, this may help to explain why some financial professionals are so well-rewarded for the work that they undertake. Even then, it’s notable that some of these professionals can still make decisions that lead to losses.
Indeed, almost any form of investing will carry a level of risk. Sometimes you do have to accept that an investment will produce a loss. The key, of course, is to make sure that such losses become a rarity. To a certain extent, the process is also about the understanding of risk.
Here are some great tips that can guide your approach:
Do your research properly
If a stranger recommends a fantastic stock that you should be buying, then the best advice is to try and forget the recommendations. There will be occasions, of course, when this means that you miss out on making some money.
More frequently, however, it will save you from a bad investment decision. Before deciding to invest any of your own money, you should always be looking to carry out thorough research. Relying on someone else’s advice is a risk that is rarely worth taking.
Understand what you are investing in
I would also caution against investments that you don’t really understand.The global economic meltdown of 2007-08was, in part, a good example of what happens when corporations and individuals make investments that are poorly understood.
What it highlights, in a particularly bleak manner, is the fact that a failure to understand a type of investment means that it’s absolutely impossible to comprehend the risks that are involved. If you don’t appreciate the associated level of risk, then it might well be added that this isn't really investing at all. It’s something that would be better suited to Las Vegas. Think about required outcomes
It amazes me how many people make investments on the basis that they simply want to make money. As far as I can see, that objective doesn't really consider the likely outcomes. You need to think about your real aims.
If, as an example, you are looking at building up your portfolio over a period of 25 years, then the decisions that you take are likely to be extremely different to someone who is looking to quickly generate an income from some existing capital. You need to think carefully about your overall strategy and how any given investment fits into your plan.
Consider ethics
Investing isn't all about getting rich, or even adding to the amount of money that you have in the bank. You need to think about how much you care about how such money is being made. Do you have any moral concerns relating to particular businesses or industries?
If you do have such concerns, then you clearly need to build them into your investment strategy. In some cases, this is an approach that actually makes things a little bit easier. By ruling out some opportunities at an early stage in the process, you may find that it’s considerably easier to focus on the real possibilities that exist.
About the Author:
Keith Barrett writes takes an interest in a broad range of economic issues. He likes to discuss approaches to investments online and with friends.

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