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Top Three Ontario Parks According To FlightHub

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw

Ontario is blessed with some of Canada's most beautiful parks. From locales in the North resting on the Canadian Shield, to wooded areas in the South wrapped up in the Great Lakes, Ontario has something for everyone who loves the outdoors. FlightHub, one of Canada's leading online travel agencies, tries to help its customers find wonderful outdoor locales to explore. FlightHub reviews parks across Canada to accomplish this, and as such, released their list of top Canadian parks. We have narrowed the scope, and added some colour to these picturesque locations

Algonquin Provincial Park

Ontario's oldest, and perhaps most famous, Provincial Park, Algonquin is synonymous with cottage country and represents the border between Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario. This massive park is larger than the entire province of Prince Edward Island, and about a quarter of the size of Belgium. Featuring snowy Winters and humid Summers, Algonquin has something for everyone when it comes to outdoor activities. Algonquin is perhaps most famous for being the home of cottage country due to its proximity to Ontario's capital of Toronto, Ontario. It is very common for the 400 highway corridor in Toronto to be loaded with campers and RVs every weekend as residents perform their weekly migration to the country. Many people fly into Toronto, FlightHub's top Canadian destination, every year as a means of reaching this park.

Pinery Provincial Park

Located on Ontario's West Coast, Pinery Provincial Park is just South of Grand Bend, Ontario. Riding the coast South, Pinery Provincial Park includes wooded areas, massive sand dunes, beach front areas. While campgrounds exist within the park, the Pinery Park is famous for its Yurt rentals. These small cabins sleep six people and provide basic amenities. They are among the most popular lodging areas in the area and are constantly in high demand. Access to the park is easiest by Toronto, London, or Kitchener, Ontario, but be ready for a drive, as Pinery Provincial Park is located pretty deep into the Southwestern Ontario countryside.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Famous for its sand dunes and beaches, Sandbanks Provincial Park isn't the biggest park, but it packs a beautiful punch. While the beaches are mostly family friendly, this park does feature some of Ontario's most popular nude beaches. In terms of notable places to visit, Sandbanks Provincial Park features the world's largest fresh water sand bar, making for some great swimming and relaxing in Lake Ontario's water. Located between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, the home of FlightHub, access to this park is limited almost exclusively to car travel. Sandbanks park itself was nearly destroyed in the 1800s thanks to shortsighted farm planning that removed many of the trees from the area, causing the sand dunes to move wildly across the landscape. This has since been remedied and poses no threat to the park's existence.

Top Three Ontario Parks According To FlightHub

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