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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Make A Perfect Pair

By Mle_vnc @Backlist_Books
Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Make A Perfect Pair
This week's Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and the Bookish is "Top Ten Characters Who X." I get to pick what "X" represents. So I've decided to stretch this topic to breaking point and go with "Top Ten Characters Who Make A Perfect Pair." So basically it's my top ten duos in all of literature. As remembered by me, right now. So, you  know, I've probably missed a few!
1. Lupin & Tonks from the Harry Potter series
Well of course. How can I not include these two? Particularly given... what happens. That I won't say for those few weird and obviously crazy people who haven't read the books OR seen the movies yet. But I just love both of these characters.
2. Augustus Waters & Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars
These two are just.... wonderful. They're both so very real. I love how sarcastic they are, how they make fun of romantic schmoopiness even as they come up with some of the sweetest stuff ever. I rarely fall in love with a fictional couple to quite such a degree as I did Augustus and Hazel Grace.
3. Crawley & Aziraphale from Good Omens
Epic rivalry. Hijinks. Unlikely partnership. The fate of the world literally hanging in the balance... and they still find time to be hilarious.
4. Sherlock Homes & Professor Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes series
Of course. The most wonderful rivalry in the history of ever.
5. Matilda & Miss Honey from Matilda
Though Miss Honey on her own is a bit of a "meh" character, when she and Matilda teamed up they both filled a hole in the other's life and helped one another deal with some pretty rough situations. But most of all, they helped each other to grow and reach their potential. And isn't that what the best relationships (of any kind) do? 
6. Deuce & Fade from the Razorland Trilogy
I wasn't sure if I wanted to include these two, but in the end I figured they deserve a spot. They had their rough patches, for sure. But they came through for one another, and they had each other's backs. Literally. I love how they protected one another, and how Fade was perfectly happy letting Deuce step up and take the lead.
7. Frodo & Sam from The Lord of the Rings trilogy
These two made it through the fires of hell - pretty much literally. Sam offered Frodo the support he didn't even know to ask for, and he never would have made it without him. One of the best sidekicks - and friends - ever.
8. Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series
I think we all had that experience as a kid - teasing the person you like because you don't know how else to interact with them. These two drove each others bonkers for years, they were in constant competition with one another, and they definitely had explosive chemistry. But I loved how these things that made them so antagonistic also meant that they balanced and challenged one another. I also totally had a crush on Gilbert when I was a kid.
9. Eleanor & Park from... you guessed it, Eleanor & Park!
They're not quite as high on the list as Augustus and Hazel Grace, but the story of these two wound its way around my  heart and still hasn't let go. I do love Park just a teeny bit more, though, so it's not as equal a pairing as some of the others.
10. Katniss & Peeta from the Hunger Games series
Okay, I admit that I kind of ran out of ideas and threw this one in there. It was either these two or Jasper and Alice from the Twilight saga. Not that they're not a good pair, just that they're probably not my all-time faves.
Agree? Disagree? Who did I miss? Share in the comments!

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