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Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight Rises

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight Rises After a mammoth four year wait it's almost time for the final instalment of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. But will it be worth a look? In my opinion, Yes. There are plenty of reasons as to why Batman's grand finale will be worth the price of a cinema ticket; below are six of them.
1) It's set eight years after the Dark Knight
Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight Rises You may be wondering why that's such a big deal. Well firstly, as far as I'm aware the older superhero bit has never been done before in a live action superhero film. This is an interesting move on Nolan's part as we will get to see a different side to Batman, a more vulnerable element will be on show. We're so used to superheroes being young and full of energy so it will be interesting to see how things play out. Eight years may not seem like much, but when going up against a villain like Bane it could make all the difference. It's certainly not a studio friendly move to make (many people might deem a vulnerable superhero to be uncool) but hopefully the idea will inspire future Captain America films; an older and wiser Captain facing off against the Super Patriot anyone?
2) Bane with a Brain
Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight RisesIt's fair to say that Joel Schumacher well and truly botched up the character of Bane in the 90s Bat flick, Batman and Robin. In that particular film he was nothing more than a steroid induced buffoon with no more intelligence than a squashed tomato. Well I've got that off my chest. The new and improved Bane comes across as being more in line with the Batman comics and will be more than a match for the Dark Knight himself. He'll not only have incredible strength, he will also have the brains to outwit anyone who stands in his way, Batman included. It's good to see that Nolan has taken the sensible approach to the character.
3) Chris and Jonathan Nolan
The Dark Knight Rises is in safe hands with the directing and writing skills of the Nolan brothers. They're a talented pair so hopefully they'll deliver the goods. The other two Batman films revealed a different side to the superhero genre and showed that they can be action packed and intelligent at the same time.
4) The New Catwoman
Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight Rises We get to see an all new Catwoman tread the mean streets of Gotham, played by Anne Hathaway. Will she be any good in the role? Well, early reviews seem positive so we might be in for a treat. She can't be any worse than Halle Berry's version of the character. This could be the turning point in Anne Hathaway's career particularly with Les Miserables looming on the horizon. Of course, it's hard to judge on reviews alone especially since some pretty scathing one's have also come through.
5) Intrigue
There is one thing that sets Nolan's Bat films apart from the other superhero films and that is the high level of intrigue. Batman Begins had the Ras Al Ghul bit while The Dark Knight had the enigma that is the Joker.
Unlike most Superhero films, the recent Batman efforts have had something a bit special going for them. Nothing is ever quite what it seems in the Nolan Batman universe so here's hoping that the latest installment will follow the same path as the previous films and deliver on the plot twists and character development.
6) A fitting end
Top Six: Reasons to Watch Dark Knight Rises Early talk of the new film suggests that it has more in common with Batman Begins than the previous outing. That suits me fine as I thought that Begins was the better film. It had more emotion, a better, more accomplished story (with an excellent twist near the end) and it introduced us to The League of Shadows, who are to return in the latest film. Plot wise The Dark Knight Rises brings the whole story full circle and allegedly ties in with Batman Begins. I think that might just be a first in Superhero film history. The X - Men and Spiderman films failed to end their respective stories; they simply ended with no sense of closure. The Dark Knight Rises looks set to end the story of Batman. Hopefully it will be a fitting end to the trilogy.
So there you have it. Six reasons why The Dark Knight Rises will hit all the right notes. Unless Nolan lets us down of course. Several negative reviews have surfaced since the première but that's a story all of its own. I've read a few reviews, those that have praised and those that scathed the film so my expectations are somewhere in the middle. We'll be putting up an unbiased review of the film in the next few days.

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