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Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations

Posted on the 12 September 2012 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
Some of you might know this, but as well as blogging about all things film-related, I am also a beauty blogger. It might seem difficult at times, but I am always trying to find ways of blending the two genres together. At first, it seems impossible, however, it's important to realize that every actor wears make up, whether they are male or female, playing a banker or an alien! I always think that Make Up Artists are often forgotten about. So, in conjunction with my beauty blogging, I wanted to share my Top Six Make Up in Film Transformations.
By transformations I'm taking about actors that have transformed using hair and make up in order to look like real people. When creating fictional character, make up artists have a great deal of free roam initially when it comes to how the actors look, however, when the actor is playing a person who actually exists or existed, things get a little bit tougher. Not only does an actor need to have the same or similar mannerisms to that person, but they also need to look like them, which can often be tricky, as demonstrated in upcoming film Looper, in which Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a younger Bruce Willis, and doesn't entirely look like Willis....at all...
Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations

Six. Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
In 1999, popular funny man Jim Carrey stepped into the shoes of comedian Andy Kaufman, who died at the early age of 35 and was most commonly known for his role in Taxi.
To play the role, Carrey's face needed fattening, his eyebrows shaping and his hair lengthening. Matched with the iconic outfits and slightly big-eyed expressions, Carrey became the late Andy Kaufman with varying amounts of success and popularity.

Five. Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
Coming from an era when cameras didn't exist, creating Cate Blanchett's Elizabeth relied heavily on observing old paintings of the Queen. The overall look is very similar to the many other actresses who have played Elizabeth, but personally, I find Blanchett's to be the strongest.
The curly ginger hair and incredibly pale skin are the two factors that are most commonly associated with the  Virgin Queen, and Blanchett sports both with a sense of quirkiness that appears evident in many of the pieces of artwork.
Blanchett's portrayal has been very highly regarded, with a sequel being made nine years later.

Four. Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
Bassist for iconic seventies punk group The Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious was renowned for his leeriness, sneering and being the face of the working class. Vicious died aged just 21 years old. 
In terms of make up, there wasn't really much that could be done to turn Gary Oldman into Sid Vicious, as the personality is what made the role. However, in terms of appearance it is the hair that truly transforms Oldman in the punk-era legend.

Three. Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
Although the film hasn't come out yet, Anthony Hopkins transformation into the Hollywood Director is one that astonishes, purely because her looks absolutely nothing like the iconic Alfred Hitchcock.
A great deal of the make up was needed to create a very different texture of skin, creating the neck, transforming the ears, extending the nose, receding the hair and ultimately changes Hopkins' appearance almost entirely.

Two. Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
Best known for her self portraits, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo saw a lot of turmoil in her life. When attempting to make the film, the creators were adamant that Kahlo should be played by a Mexican actress, and thus  the beautiful Salma Hayek was cast.
Whilst beautiful in her own way, Kahlo's most distinguishing feature was her heavy-set eye brows, alongside her prominent use of jewelry.

One. Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf

Top Six: Make Up in Film Transformations
If you've never heard of Edith Piaf, you will no doubt know her music, most notably her 1960 classic "Non, je ne regrette rien", which also featured in Christopher Nolan's film Inception, starring Marion Cotillard.
The transformation that Cotillard underwent to become the amazing French songstress is absolutely amazing, as she really does look like Piaf which the hair, the prominent eyes and lips and those fine eye brows. Intriguingly, in the image above, Cotillard also reminds me of Christina Ricci, although I'm glad that a French actress was chosen for the role.
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