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Top Six: Film Witches

Posted on the 29 October 2012 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
I don't think there is any girl that hasn't - or won't - dress up as a witch, for Halloween, at some point in their life. With the pointy black hat and it's green locks, the long plastic green fingers, the green make up, the black dress and of course the broom stick with the toy cat on the end (incidentally, the last broomstick that I had as a child got attacked and ripped apart, by our cat Patch, because he really did not like it!!)
So, to celebrate all that is Witchy and Halloweeny, it seems only right to have a Halloween Special for Film Witches *cue evil cackle*

Six. Lamia

Top Six: Film Witches Film: Stardust Actor: Michelle Pfeiffer
Although not Michelle Pfeiffer's first role playing a witch, Lamia is definitely the complete bitch witch, who doesn't care whose toes she steps on to get what she wants. But then, if you looked like she does and had the potential to look amazing like Pfeiffer, I think that we'd all be the same!
I love the whole idea behind the witches in Stardust (which, it has to be said, is a very imaginative film), and that they must "consume" a star, in order to remain young and beautiful. I also love the way that whenever Lamia uses her magic, she also loses a part of her looks too.
It's a nice play on the idea that witches are old and ugly, whilst the beautiful side of the character is superbly alluring and manipulative.

Five. The Sanderson Sisters

Top Six: Film Witches Film: Hocus Pocus Actors: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy
I'm not sure which witch looks the scariest: Bette Midler with those teeth, Kathy Najimy with that hair or Sarah Jessica Parker with those eyebrows that suggest that she might not be a natural blonde...!
The thing that I love about the Sanderson Sisters is the fact that they have quite a sinister back story, and yet when you actually meet them, there is absolutely nothing sinister about them. Perhaps that's just because it is of course a children's film, but in a weird way I always kinda wanted them to succeed because they were just so stupid. I also loved the way that they reacted to modern things, like roads etc.

Four. Hermione Granger

Top Six: Film Witches Films: Harry Potter Actor: Emma Watson
If this was a Top Six of most attractive witches, then Hermione Granger would most definitely top the list, however it isn't, so she sits nicely in at Number Five.
I absolutely adore Hermione and will definitely tout her as my favorite Harry Potter character (alongside Neville Longbottom and just ahead of Ron Weasley). I love the fact that she's smart, a little socially inept, but just so brilliant because she oozes confidence and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Most importantly, she isn't afraid to be smart and as a role model, Hermione is certainly top of her class. And she's not too bad of a witch either!!

Three. Sarah Bailey

Top Six: Film Witches Film: The Craft Actor: Robin Tunney
During my teens, my friends and I were huge fans of The Craft. Initially, it seemed obvious to pick Fairuza Balk as the third ultimate witch on this list, but really Sarah Bailey is the only one that deserves her spot.
Whilst Balk's Nancy could give Lamia a serious run for her money, as the uber geek, for me Sarah is the only "real" witch in this film. She isn't what you'd see as a typical witch, and the way that she grows and uses her power to make things right are what make her such a great character.

Two.  Miss Gulch / The Wicked Witch of the West

Top Six: Film Witches Film: The Wizard of Oz Actor: Margaret Hamilton
Since I can remember, The Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite childhood film. It's a film that was so ahead of its time in so many ways, not just because it was released in black and white / colour, but also the idea of characters being other characters.
I always remember absolutely hating Miss Gulch when I was little, and being terrified of the Witch, which is why she holds this spot as the Number Two Witch so firmly. Part of me really wants to place her at Number One, purely based on the fear factor, because she is such a fantastic creation, and Margaret Hamilton played her so brilliantly, with the mannerisms and that horrible cackle that I can imagine has given many children nightmares since the film first came out in 1939.

One. Miss Eva Ernst / The Grand High Witch

Top Six: Film Witches Film: The Witches Actor: Anjelica Huston
Although she has very strong competition from Margaret Hamilton, there is almost no doubt that Anjelica Huston can play an amazing witch. She was superb as Morticia Addams, and she was even better as the Grand High Witch in Roald Dahl's The Witches.
I know a few people who admit to being terrified of her when they were children, and aren't particularly keen on her in adulthood, but that is what really makes her the ultimate Film Witch. Not only was the played so well by Huston, but she was also incredibly scary, in appearance as well.
As this Top Six shows, Film Witches are not always scary - well, not unless you get on the wrong side of them, because none of the witches should probably ever be messed it!

Who is your favorite / scariest film witch?

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