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Top Honeymoon Travel Tips

By Honeymoonblogger

Right now is a big time for couples to be planning their weddings and honeymoons. A lot of people get engaged over Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s, so we’ve switched over from proposal season to planning season. With this in mind I thought I’d throw together a few honeymoon tips to ensure maximum romantic potential. The best time to fit these in is when you’re planning and consulting with your chosen tour operator, so definitely think about your schedule before you book.

1.   Plan in leisure time! You’re going to be exhausted from your wedding already. The buzz of that day will wear off, so make sure you have some relaxation time between your travels and adventures. This is especially important if you’re planning a busier honeymoon, such as a safari, because you’ll need a bit of peace amidst the chaos. Luckily, many lodges offer peaceful, quiet evenings, like candlelit dinners in the privacy of your lodge or right in the bush, which is fantastic for that solitude and romance.

2.   Book in plenty of time. Many of the most popular honeymoon resorts sell out swiftly, sometimes months before the actual date. When you’re booking a lodge that only has six suites, or one of four overwater bungalows, time matters. Less expensive honeymoons can reduce availability very quickly as well. Make sure the honeymoon isn’t the last thing you plan if you have specific requirements. Last minute bookings can still sometimes be cheaper, but you may have to drop (or raise) your standards and go somewhere you hadn’t planned on in order to get the deal.

3.   Choose the simplest journey possible. You’re really not going to want to put off your honeymoon because you had a connection instead of a direct flight. Plenty of destinations do actually require connections, but if you can go for a single flight, you’ll relish the fact that you only have to get on a plane once. If you can spring for it, you might even go for first class. What better time than your honeymoon?

4.   At the same time, when planning, don’t put that much pressure on yourself to plan the perfect honeymoon. Whenever something happens, just remember that what you’re really doing is planning an escape with your brand new spouse. Even if you stay at home or go to the b&b down the street for one night, it will be special. Take the pressure off and you’ll enhance your honeymoon and make it a much easier task to plan. Sure, it will be special if you go somewhere far-flung or somewhere dear to both of your hearts, but don’t stress yourself if you can’t go there right now. You have your entire life together to go on travels.

What are your top honeymoon tips? Share them in the comments!

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