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Top Experiences in Hawaii

By Hotelprops @hotelprops

Going to Hawaii was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was there for about 3 weeks, and fortunately for me I did not have to work very much at all. I think looking back on it, there is only one – no wait, 2 things that I wish I did while there.Top Experiences in Hawaii

What I did do while I was there – Sky Diving over the north shore of the Big Island. This was the 2nd time I had ever been in an airplane. Yes I was 24, and the first time I was in an airplane was about 4 months earlier when I left Toronto and flew to Vancouver to board the cruise ship. So I thought it would be awesome to jump out of a perfectly good airplane whilst I was in Hawaii.

I swam with Sea Turtles and tropical fish over coral. It started out as a snorkeling date with a girl I met on the voyage from Vancouver to Hawaii – since crew were not allowed to have relations with the guests, it was common place to meet on land. So we went into this bay, and saw a ton of bright colored fish. A sea turtle came swimming beside me and literally pushed me out of his way as he swam past. For him it was easier to move me than to swim around me. 

Top Experiences in Hawaii

In hind sight I wished that I had also gone to Pearl Harbor – however it was that or sky diving, and I stand my by choice. I did enter a tattoo shop, however I did not find anything I liked. That is one of my regrets. I got a tattoo in Alaska, but not in Hawaii. My other major regret, was not going to a Luau. Those look like a lot of fun, but instead I think I got drunk or something.

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