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Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2015

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

KBBonline has revealed the details from the 2015 State of the Industry Report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. This report highlights the design trends of the bathroom industry by conducting a study of 640 bathroom designers and dealers. The study shines a light on the top bathroom trends for 2015.

The appeal of clean and contemporary design has increased the demand for bathroom storage and organization. The solid surfaces and simple lines of a contemporary bathroom makes it low maintenance and easy to clean. Energy efficiency is important to homeowners as well, investing more money on products that offer this benefit. Universal design is becoming the new standard for everyone, not just the elderly and disabled.

The top design trend for bathrooms in 2015 is the modern aesthetic. Modern design goes hand in hand with the clean and simple style that consumers are demanding. It is also good for universal design. Features such as floating vanities and open shelving make it easier for people on wheelchairs and other disabilities. Consumers seek designs that simplify their chaotic lifestyles.

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