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Top Abstract Colorful Artists. When the Canvas Surface is Not Enough.

By Yasoypintor @antoniobasso
yago hortal, barcelona art, galeria senda

Beyong the canvas surface. Abstract colorful paintings.

Yesterday I had the chance to visit a recommendable art exhibition at Galeria Senda, one of Barcelona´s more pushing and consolidated contemporary art galleries.

spanish modern art, barcelona contemporary art, barcelona art galleries

Yago Hortal at Galeria Senda, Barcelona

In this ocassion, abstract paintings of spanish artist Yago Hortal are being exhibited. His paintings and his technique not only do not leave you indifferent but also may provoque certain interesting reflexions, some of which may coincide with mines.

I find some kind of “similarities” between his sugestive contempory art, that could perfectly be classified as “new abstract pop art”, and the one of some other top artists like Gerhard Richter and Roy Lychtenstein … Take a look at the following art pictures and you will understand what I mean.

Gerhard Richter, painting abstract art

Gerhard Richter abstract painting

Roy Lichtenstein brushstrokes, pop art artists

Roy Lichtenstein Brushstroke

The other reflexion has to do with the fact that his artwork intentionally transgresses the canvas surface transforming the painting into something else. This technique gives volume and consistency to the artwork and adds additional meaning to it. All in all convert his creations into a new object (not a painting any more, although painting has been necesary to make it).

There are some very well known modern and contemporary artists that have used this technique in different ways. Doing so, I believe they have pushed modern art some steps ahead. Take a look at the following pictures and you will perfectly understand what I mean.

Barcelona contemporary art, barcelona art galleries

Yago Hortal painting. Color, volume, gesture and surface

abstract colorful painting, yasoypintor

Yago Hortal. Painting, sculpture or something new?

yasoypintor, rauschenberg modern art,

Robert Rauschenberg, did it long time ago

yasoypintor, contemporary art artists

N. Dash. Elegant creation

yasoypintor, painting canvas surface

Painting beyong the canvas margins. Can´t find the artist´s name.

yasoypintor, contemporary art blog

Angela de la Cruz

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