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Top 5 Reasons Halo Engagement Rings Rock

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

If you’re a bride – or a hopefully soon to be bride! – scoping out future engagement ring options, there’s one trend that should be at the top of your radar. It’s the hottest style in engagement rings for at least 5 years running now. It makes every diamond look bigger, and it makes most look better. It’s perfect for chic fashionistas and glamorous bling-lovers alike. It stretches your budget and captures your imagination. It is, of course, the halo engagement ring. But what makes halo engagement rings so great? Allow me to explain.

  • Cushion shaped double halo engagement ring1. The first thing that grabs a bride's attention is “bling.” Just like finding the right guy, a woman's intuition takes over when she spots the perfect engagement ring. And no rings capture more attention than halo rings do. You've got the added fire and brilliance of the tiny diamonds around the center diamond, and most halo rings also feature pave or micropave diamonds on their bands, too. This means even more sparkle from every angle.
  • Round engagement ring with unique halo and three bands2. That same boost that the halo gives the diamond’s beauty also gives your budget some oomph. Most halos are made up of smaller diamonds, which cost significantly less than larger diamonds because they are less rare. They add visual impact to make a diamond's diameter match a heavier carat weight, but for a fraction of the cost. As carat weight increases, so does price, so even if a halo engagement ring’s total carat weight adds up to 1 or even 1.5 carats, it will likely be less than half the price of a single diamond weighing the same amount. Once you add your center stone, your halo engagement ring can easily boast double the carat weight of a solitaire or three stone ring, all for way, way less money.
  • Antique style halo stack3. The combination of value and beauty that halo engagement rings offer has made them one of the hottest designs in bridal jewelry. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Alba all adore their halo engagement rings, and soon-to-be-brides everywhere love them too. The halo style engagement ring is so popular that every jeweler has made them a staple in their bridal cases, from local jewelers like us to international chains like Tiffany & Co. One thing is for certain, halo engagement rings are here to stay, are in high demand, and are one of the most stylish settings today.
  • Emerald cut halo engagement rings4. Halo engagement rings might be on just about every girl's Pinterest board, but don't let that sway you. If you love the halo look but don't want the exact same ring as all your friends, you needn't worry. While the round diamond in a cushion cut frame might be the style du jour, that's just one of the many many options of halo styles. Like almost every other bridal style, the halo engagement ring setting comes in different brands, designs, shapes, metal colors, gemstone options, and sizes. The opportunities to get creative with the halo are endless.
  • Custom Verragio Engagement Ring5. The added diamonds certainly don't hurt, but it's the overall details of a halo that make it beautiful. While a simple solitaire is always stunning, there's just something about a halo that inspires designers and runs away with the heart of so many brides. The rings provide more opportunity for special touches like diamond galleries, intricate scrollwork, engraved shanks, single, double, or triple shanks, and oodles more options. There's just something about a halo that has modern brides falling in love. Whether it's her first engagement ring or an upgrade to a treasured engagement ring from many years ago, this style just puts a smile on women's faces.

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