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Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

By Hotelprops @hotelprops

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara FallsToday I am going to comprise a list of what I feel are the top 5 hotels to stay at in Niagara Falls. Now of course I have not stayed in every hotel in the city, however I have worked at 5 hotels and have worked with people that have worked at the others. Based on the feedback I get from guests of Niagara, other employee’s and my own personal dealings with the hotels, I have come up with a respectable list.
Now while I was making this list I had to take into consideration the value of the hotel to their targeted clients. What I mean by this is that one hotel could be family oriented, and one business traveler focused. They each have benefits that make them good places, but does the family hotel offer more to a family than the business hotel can offer to the business traveler?

With out further delay here it is:


The Americana Conference Resort Spa and Waterpark 

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

The Americana lands at #5 because of several reasons. While they aren’t the only waterpark in the city, they were the first. They are always on the cutting edge of today’s trends and are a leader in the hospitality industry. They have a full service restaurant (Jack Tanners), the waterpark also offers food, and is fully licensed. Their spa is top notch, and there is even a decent sized arcade. There is an outdoor play area as well that can keep the land lovers happy as well.


The Oakes Hotel – Overlooking the Falls

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

The Oakes has what they claim is the best view of Niagara Falls. Well, from a hotel that is. I have to agree they are definitely well positioned. Just because they aren’t the tallest hotel around them, where they are positioned is clearly one of the best places that could have been chosen. It’s completely unobstructed view is what gets it on my list, however another fantastic benefit – they are directly beside Fallsview Casino.


Marriott Niagara Falls 

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

Possibly the best view comes from Marriott. In fact Trip Advisor included them in their top 10 views in the world listing. Full service Spa, fitness center, various restaurants, sister properties that also offer fallsview rooms and other dining options. The Marriott has it all. It also has a close proximity to the Fallsview Casino, as well they are very close to the new Scotia Bank Centre.


The Niagara Falls Hilton


Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls Hilton is Canada’s tallest hotel. It boasts an incredible 53 floors. They offer 3 unique restaurants – one of which called The Watermark has a fantastic view of the falls. The Myst Lounge features live music 7 days a week from the 33rd floor. They are the only hotel that offers an indoor walkway directly to Fallsview Casino Resort. As an added bonus there is a 10,000 sq ft pool with 3 story high waterslide for their guests. With all their features, their view of the falls and closeness to everything – the Hilton grabs the runner up spot on my list.


The Sterling Inn and Spa 

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

While other places boast views of the falls, and a wide range of places to dine, and a selection of a great deal of amenities, The Sterling Inn offer’s a quiet setting, over sized rooms and a restaurant unmatched by any not only in the region, but some say the province. At various times, you can log onto Tripadvisor and find their restaurant AG Inspired Cuisine listed as the #1 raked restaurant in Ontario. The rooms at the hotel are all uniquely designed and have a wide selection of features. Every guest room comes with a choice of Jacuzzi or an in-room steam shower. The hotel offers a modest 41 rooms – its because of this that they also offer a free breakfast delivered to your room in the morning. It is because of the level of service you receive, the quality of all the details in the hotel, and their quaintness despite being just a couple blocks from the busiest area of Niagara Falls (Clifton Hill), that lands them at my #1 spot.

Top 5 Hotels in Niagara Falls

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