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Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports

By Krimkus
Massage Shower Heads

Do you suffer from lack quality massage in your relationship? Do you feel that your partner should give you more than what you get? Well, you only have two options, to either replace your partner or get yourself a massage shower head for your shower to fill the gap.

Changing the shower head of your bathroom is the easiest way to upgrade your shower area without having to stress on the budget.  However, many people rarely replace their shower heads unless they have a poor water floor or they are broken. Massage shower heads should be replaced at least after every year.

Choosing the best massage shower heads can be so challenging since they come in different sizes, designs and specifications. For this reason, you should always keep your eyes and ears open for the best shower heads that are available in the market. 

We have a list ready for you, so ensure you get the best shower head that can completely replace your significant other. Please check out the 5 best shower heads below.

Factors to consider before selecting a shower head

Your needs

The first and the most important factor you need to consider before buying a massage shower head is the actual needs you expect from your massage shower head. You need to consider your needs and those of your family. There are many varieties of massage shower heads to choose from, for instance the fixed mount, handheld, adjustable heights, wands or the dual combo. It is easy to choose a massage shower head once you know your needs.

Bathroom space

Also, the kind of massage shower head you choose depends on the available space in your bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom space then you can choose massage shower heads that have a handheld or the ones that are mounted. 

On the other hand, if your bathroom space is small then you will need to confirm with your supplier if the hose that connects the handled to the shower head are not too long for your bathroom. Also the type of massage shower head you buy should allow you to have a great experience without messing up the bathroom floor.

Installation and maintenance

Another important factor to consider is the installation process and maintaince cost. Will the massage shower head require to be installed by a professional or you can do it on your own? There are many different types of shower heads, those that are easy to install and those that are hard to fix. If you are planning to install the massage shower by yourself then you need to go for the ones that are very easy to install.


Another important factor you need to consider is the price of the shower head. The costs of the massage shower heads vary greatly; you therefore need to pre determine how much you are willing to spend before you decide on the best shower head to buy. 

You should buy a shower head according to your budget.  Nevertheless, always remember that you get what you pay for. If you spend less the it will definitely mean that the product is of low quality and the vice versa.

Durability and flexibility

Last but not least, you should ensure the massage shower head you buy is very durable although it may have to cost you more. The cheap less robust massage shower heads are not expected to last for long. You can know the durability of the shower head by checking the number of years of the warranty.

The best massage shower heads you choose to buy should also be flexible and easy to handle especially for the handheld massage showerheads. Besides, its flexibility of connecting to the hose is very crucial. Ensure you pay close attention to the specifications on the label.  The material of the hose will give you a clue on its flexibility.

Our Picks for 5 of The Best Massage Shower Heads

1. 6” Fixed Shower head

Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports
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One of the best massage shower heads that you can consider buying is the 6” fixed shower head. The shower head offers consistent powerful spray performance even when the water pressure is low. This shower head has a powerful and excellent performance low flow that will definitely give you a spa like showers. 

Besides, it is made of very convenient and smart design feature that detaches the nozzles from the base for cleaning and to easily remove all the debris and prevent debris build up. The 6” massage shower head is very easy to install and is made of a metal swivel ball that allows the adjustment on the angle of the shower head.


  • It has removable flow regulators
  • Has consistent and powerful spray
  • Very easy to install
  • Has metal balls that allows adjustment of the angle of shower head
  • Can be easily detached from the nozzles for easy cleaning and removal of debris


  • It does not come with Teflon tape

2. Waterpik Original Massage shower head

Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports
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The Waterpik original massage shower head also creates shower experiences that relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body. This chrome hand held shower head features six spray settings. It is very flexible, easy to clean 5-foot shower hose is also good for bathing pets and washing kids. 

Besides, it is made of adjustable angle brackets for easy positioning, and the optimum technology for maximum water flow and powerful shower head performance. However, it is plastic painted which is something that most people don’t appreciate at all.


  • Very flexible
  • Easy to clean five-foot shower hose
  • Powerful shower head performance and maximum water flow
  • Adjustable angle brackets for easy positioning


  • It is plastic painted

3. Culligan Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage

Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports
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You can also consider buying the wall mounted filtered shower head with massage. This wall mounted filtered shower head meets the EPA water sense certification standard which is 2 gallons in every minute or even less than that.

Moreover, the shower head has anti clog rubber spray nozzles that have a 5 spray setting to help add comfort. The shower head and filters are also easy to install as no tools are required. The patented filter media bacteriostatic thus limits growth and passage of bacteria to help you have a cleaner shower experience.


  • Wall mounted shower head
  • Very to install as no tools are required
  • Has anti clog rubber spray nozzles that offer 5 spray settings for added comfort
  • It meets the EPA water sense certification
  • Five years warranty
  • It comes with filter change reminder sticker, Teflon tape and wall mount filtered shower head


  • Does nothing to reduce total dissolved solids in the water.
  • Poor filter

4. Earth Massage Showerhead

Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports
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According to consumer reports, this is product also qualifies as one of the best products worth considering. The earth message shower head is worth all the money you are willing to spend on a venture to make your shower session quite awesome. 

This single handled shower head has a water flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute that allows for a great shower while still conserving water. The earth massage shower head also features a three spray functions that will work in all situations by simply switching the energy saving shower head to suit your task.

Besides, the massage shower head comes with mounting brackets and a 72” stainless steel hose. And it is a maintenance free design, that is it is both simple and sophisticated to maintain. Unlike other shower heads, it has the Niagara’s conservation patented flow compensator that gives a smooth flow regardless of water pressure. It is water sense certified that is it meets and exceeds the ANSI specifications.


  • It allows great shower while still conserving water
  • Adjustable functionality
  • Gives smooth floor regardless of available water pressure
  • Water sense certified


  • Made of plastic

5. Vida Alegria message shower head

Top 5 Best Massage Shower Heads 2019 Review|Consumer Reports
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Last but not least, the vida Alegria massage shower head will also be an excellent addition to your bathroom. Its solid brass connector and ball does not crack, leak or deteriorate over time. It has an easy to adjust shower head with 5 different spray settings that helps save water while you soap up.

The best thing about this massage shower head is that it has silicone jets in all the shower sprayers’ that makes them easy to clean by just flicking to de clog any hard water mineral deposits. The process of installing this massage shower head is also very easy and can be done by almost everyone. However, it has a fixed massage shower head which some people don’t appreciate that much.


  • Has silicone jets for easy cleaning a
  • Removable flow restrictors
  • 3 years additional warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a clear and illustrated instructions, and a high-quality Teflon tape


  • It is a fixed message shower head


Transform your ordinary shower to a spa like experience with one of these best massage shower heads in the market. These massage shower heads will give you a wide range of sprays that will satisfy both your massage and showering needs

There are different shower heads in the market today, however they are not created equal, they all have different features, unique qualities, advantages and disadvantages. We have highlighted the best massage shower heads in the market citing their pros and cons to make it easy for you to choose.

All the shower heads in the list will surpass your expectations and you will not miss a mark when you buy any shower head in the list. However the Culligan Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage  takes the spot light because it is very easy to install, has 5 year warranty, has anticlog rubber spray nozzles and meets all the EPA sense certifications.

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