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Top 3 Money Saving Apps

Posted on the 01 October 2017 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal
Money Saving AppsIn this article, we're going to look at some of the best apps that would help you to save tons of money. I have talked a lot about different ways of making money, and one of the most important things we have learned is that, the more we can save, the more we can invest, which would result in more income.
But saving money is not as easier as it sounds, most people try that before, and fail to a certain extent. Even if we start making more money, instead of saving the extra money we're getting now. We're simply incresting our expenses without realizing that.In fact, more than 80% of adult in US pay check to pay cheque, which means, if they stop working for whatever the reason it might be. They would either be homeless or beg others for money because they have absolutely nothing in their savings account.

Reason 1. Why You Need To Save Money

Number one reason to save money is that you don't want to find yourself fired from your job, and you have absolutely no money to move on.You can get fired in different cases, it might be anything else like an accident, or getting sick, whatever.I don't think your boss would want to pay you doing nothing, but lying in the hospital bed. 

Reason 2. Why You Need To Save Money

Another important reason to save money is for you to become financially free one day. I don't think you want to work 9 to 5 until the last day of your life.You want to make enough money so that you can make enough investment, even if you stop working, your investment would cover all of your expenses.For the last couple of days, I have been testing many different money management apps, to see which one is easy to use and can help me to save as much money as possible.After using dozens of an app, I came to a conclusion that these 3 apps are the best and free, of course, they have the premium version, but the free version is pretty good to compear to other apps.You don't have to use all this app at the same time, but instead, you have to choose one that's more suitable for you and meet all of your demandsThis app is for people who only want to track their expenses to have a general idea of where they're spending their money 

1. Monefy

Top 3 Money Saving AppsTop 3 Money Saving one the greatest app out there because of the great simplicity. The moment you happen the app, you can see clearly all of your expenses. By click on the categories, you can see the exact amount you have in each category.In other to record your transaction, all you have to do is to click on one of them, let say it's your happy day and you've got your salary. just click on the green that says goal, and write down your salary and choose a category.In case you want to record an expense, just write in your salary and choose the right categories. That's it, just play around with this app to understand how it works.

2. I Save Money

Top 3 Money Saving AppsTop 3 Money Saving AppsTop 3 Money Saving app is not only about tracking your expenses but setting a budget.It's one thing to track your expenses and then figure out a way to decrease your spending. Each time you spend your money, you just have to record your transaction in the app, and this app would automatically adjust it and minus it from the related budget.In the dashboard, you would have all of the overviews of all your budget to know how well are you doing. If you always spend, you would see a red line.If you realize that you have been spending on entertainment for example, then you know what to do to save more money.

3. Debt Manager

Top 3 Money Saving AppsTop 3 Money Saving app is a little bit different than the first two. It completely focuses on managing your debt. Some people including me realize that sometimes I lend money to people and sometimes forget about the exact amount.And I have lost a lot of money this way. So if you're dealing with debt a lot, like I was when I was in college, then I highly suggest you get this app.Of course is not for saving any money, but by taking a better care of your money, you avoid losing money which as good as saving money.This app is entirely focused alone on a dept. And it would help you to avoid a lot of confusion in the future.This are probably the best 3 apps that are available on Android, Ios, and they are free.

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