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Top 10 Iphone Games

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Naveedkhan

In this age of electronic warfare, iPhone has seized its opportunity to become the leading seller of cellular smartphones all over the globe. Its glaring success has been attributed to its hi-tech features that it provides to the consumers. But the one thing that really pushes iPhone above other smartphones (especially Androids) is its ability to provide super graphic and addictive games plus loads of wonderful applications. Every year Apple and its followers have been publishing games that have been mind boggling to say the least. This year it is no exception!

To separate the wheat from the chaff among the games that have been released this year, we have rounded up 10 games released this year that if you haven’t installed on your iPhone, it is a must to have them in the cabinet of your little wonder!

10) Order Up! To Go

Flipping burgers is not the most aspiring thing to do as a career in this world, but Order Up! To go is one game that will change the course of history of this unwanted profession through its fun and mentally stimulating gameplay. It is a very simple game that requires you to chop tomatoes, fill up coke cups and flip burger patties and much more. This game is so addictive that after working out the initial cooking, you will want to do it quickly in order to make the most cash. So you are going to have to juggle up some tasks. Despite its cute visuals and jokey humor, it is a truly demanding game that will make you not want to press the home button very soon! And by the way it is available for free on iPhone so don’t waste your time reading about it, download it from iTunes!

9) Smash Cops

Produced by Hutch, this game has been a complete revolution in terms of car games. With there being no buttons on iPhone, iOS developers had tried to reinvent the wheel.  As you bust around town, chasing after perps and ramming your cop cruiser into their expensive paintwork, your finger acts like a polar opposite magnet. The car speeds away from your digit, swerving left when you touch the right-hand side. Though it takes some time to get used to it, but it works surprisingly well. An excellent game for people of all ages, this game is ready to be bought from iTunes if you are interested in car games and that too fantastic!

8) Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

We are used to getting killed in games, but Ghost Trick is one of the few adventure games where you start off dead and this time you won’t respawn. In this game, Sissel will use his ghost tricks to stop murders and make objects come to life. Although lengthy, this game is truly engrossing and will make you pay for it to be in your whatever page on iPhone!


7) Burnout Crash

Burnout might be a racing game, but Criterion has always been more concerned with crashes and carnage. The arcadey Crash takes that idea and runs, for getting gold in this title is about causing chaos, not winning races. At each intersection, you destroy as many cars as possible by totalling your vehicle and steering its wreckage into traffic. Kill off most of the cars and a UFO (or maybe a tsunami) will finish the job.

6) Angry Birds Space

Speaking of Angry Birds, after 400 almost identical levels churned out by Rovio, earthly gravity has been replaced by cosmic astrophysics in this new version of Angry Birds. This opens up wholly new strategies, as birds borrow the gravity of nearby planetoids to twist their trajectory, and pigs get squished by orbiting debris. The core thrill is as primal as ever, but the new ideas bring something very fresh to the Angry Birds table.

5) The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

With the success of the Hunger Games in the box office, this companion of the movie developed by Lionsgate has been a complete revelation in terms of movie-tie-in applications. With the bow to do away with nuisance wasps, it is an involved game and one that has really caught the eye of most users this year.

4) Spellsword

Spellsword has a lot in common with RPGs: the stats, the levelling-up, the gear, and the equipment. But, unlike the laconic menu-base battling of a Final Fantasy, this game is fast. In the game, Slimy foot soldiers steam in from either side with wasp drones flying in bullet-hell formations. Dealing with the chaos requires quick reflexes and total mastery of the controls.

3) Ka-Bloom

Produced by BBC Worldwide, Ka-Bloom is an addictive game in which hungry petalhead Floret wants to eat everything in the cosmos. You’ll oblige, by stringing together tasty gems and coins to feed into her expectant gob. After some time, the levels become quite a brain teaser for which you need a lot of forethought.

2) Hunters 2

Rodeo Games has come up with the sequel that is sure to blow your brains away. This game is a drastic improvement to the rather average Hunters: Episode One in which almost everything has been tweaked with an eye to gameplay improvement, too. The turn-based combat has been refined; new weapons and enemies have been added; and new environments have been introduced.


1) Ragdoll Blaster 3

With Backflip studios behind its creation, this game has truly challenged Angry Birds to some extent. Same as angry birds where destructive cannon fodders are the norm, players of the Ragdoll Blaster franchise have been firing its heroes into walls, targets, and stacks of TNT for two games now.  To distinguish it from its predecessors, Ragdoll Blaster 3 has been given a complete visual overhaul. In this game, your burlap pals sports googly eyes and a goofy grin and colorful levels are stored in pop-up picture books. So blast the doll but only after opening your wallet to iTunes!

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