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Top 5 Iphone Games 2013

Posted on the 27 October 2013 by Naveedkhan

The iPhone is a gamer’s dream come true. Its highquality screen displays pixels perfectly so you can enjoy a game’s colours and graphics to the full. It’s more than capable of pushing pixels around at a decent frame rate so the action never falters. Unlike traditional handheld consoles, iPhone games are relatively cheap (or even free for lite try-before-youbuy versions), so you’ll never be short of games to enjoy. Gameplay varies dramatically, from firstperson shooters to exhilarating sports and platform games. The iPhone’s touchscreen makes it possible to play games without a joypad – and many apps make good use of this feature. Some games also put the iPhone’s accelerometer to good use so that you can steer characters by simply tilting the phone. Whatever style of game you favour there’s sure to be something to take your fancy.

01 Bad Piggies

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Rovio
The Angry Birds franchise, but not as we know it as you take control of the green pigs for the first time. But rather than following the setup of other Angry Birds, Bad Piggies sees players having to build unusual contraptions and vehicles to transfer the pigs safely to the other end of the level. It’s a new take on this universe and the building aspect is a great addition to it.

02 Temple Run

Price: Free Developer: Imangi Studios
Entertainment This iOS game may have been around for a while but it is simply one of the most addictive and fun games that you will ever play, on any platform or device. The endless running platform game has been revitalised and seen a whole new era of games appear because of the success of this title, with its simple tilt and touch control as you forever pursue that new highest score.

03 Plague Inc.

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Ndemic Creations
A game that appeals to the more sadistic side of your nature, Plague Inc sees the user trying to wipe out the human race in the quickest way possible. Over time you can develop your pandemic by making it immune to cures that appear, and upgrading it to an airborne virus and beyond. You can even decide which areas of the human body your plague attacks.

04 Jetpack Joyride

Price: Free Developer: Halfbrick Studios
As an endless running game this is a genuine alternative to Temple Run, as you take control of Barry and help him evade the various levels of security after he steals a jetpack. The one-touch controls makes this such a good game to pick up and play when you have a spare couple of minutes. Collecting the in-game coins also allows you to buy upgrades.

05 Tiny Wings

Price: £0.69/$0.99 Developer: Andreas Illiger
Combining the endless platform concept with a healthy dose of physics, Tiny Wings sees players using momentum and the hilly terrain to try and outrun the night time that signals the end of your game. You must use the leaps provided by the hills to flap your wings and soar away from the everapproaching darkness. Wonderfully simple.

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