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Top 5 Iphone Health & Fitness Apps

Posted on the 26 October 2013 by Naveedkhan

Health and Fitness is something we all promise to do more about, especially around the new year, but never really get round to starting. Luckily there are enough fitness fanatics out there that the App Store has taken the idea of fitness on your iPhone and run with it. In this section we will look at the apps that are designed to help you get more aware and active when it comes to your body. There are apps to take along with you when you exercise to help track your progress, as well as provide that little boost of support when you need it. One of the apps here even allows friends to record messages of support that can then be played back to you in times of need. We’ve also included an app that takes the physical action of your exercise and turns it into an RPG game where you’re trying to outrun zombies and build yourself a shelter. Then there’s the app that gives you instant medical advice, from professionals. You can upload any question and get it answered directly by a doctor, essentially giving you a health center in your pocket. With these apps then, you should be in good health.

01 Endomondo Sports Tracker

Price: Free Developer: Endomondo
The workout tracking app that comes with a host of social features to help you. There’s a feed of recent updates from all your friends so you can see who’s been exercising and what they’ve been doing. Then while you work you’ll receive audio updates on your progress, as well as alternative routes.

02 Nike+ Running

Price: Free Developer: Nike Inc
The in-app accelerometer accurately marks out the distance you’ve run, and will help power you on thanks to messages from your friends via Facebook and Path. As well as getting some much-needed cheers to push you along, you can use the PowerSongs feature to find the tracks that pump you up while you run. The whole app is great.

03 Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Price: Free Developer:
With a food database of more than two million products, you can accurately record your calorie intake each day, as well as check up and research various foods you’re not sure whether you should eat. Calorie Counter allows you to track specific nutrient groups individually, as well as see graphs marking out your progress over set periods.

04 Zombies, Run!

Price: £5.49/$7.99 Developer: Six to Start
A quite brilliant and imaginative twist on motivation to help you exercise, Zombies, Run! plays out the horror of a zombie apocalypse through your headphones, complete with the sound of the fastapproaching undead to help spur you on. As you complete distances you earn points and supplies which you can use when you get home.

05 HealthTap

Price: Free Developer: HealthTap
A very impressive app for giving you peace of mind as it gives users near instant access to real doctors, who can answer any medical question you send it. There is even a conversation section where you can have a real discussion about a medical complaint direct from your device. It’s an excellent application.

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