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Top 10 Bolly Songs of 80s

Posted on the 06 August 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

After a long time writing post is quiet difficult and that too on music is like a come back match for Sachin with Australia after a break. You have to justify every aspect of the topic. The top 10 list of Hindi cinema with the Disco Mania all around gave a new taste to Hindi Music listeners. Lets See how this journey went by.

Here are the top songs which made big noise on disco. These songs if we even listening after 31 Years they revive us of good old days of Indian Music and Cinema. when Mithun Da made youngsters dance to his steps in Disco Dancer. Namak Halal song Jawane Janeman which is still a big favorite in Dance Parties. Another big hit of Disco Dancer made waves in the music industry was Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy made many parents named kids Jimmy. Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo songs which had Arabic touch. Another song Laila O laila  which had similar essence and style of singing with a Arabic touch and hence made India dance to this fabulous number.

Disco Deewane which was not from any movie also mark the flavor of that time. Big Disco hits which made Pinaz, Nazia Stars in between masses and made these struggling singers big stars.

1. Koi Yahan Aha Nache Nache - Movie: Disco Dancer

2. Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba - Movie: Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki

3. Jawani Janeman : Movie - Namak Halal

4. Disco Station Disco : Movie - Hathkadi

5. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy : Movie - Disco Dancer

6. Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo : Movie - Jaanbaaz

7. Laila O Laila : Movie - Qurbani

8. Disco Deewane : Album By - Nazia Hassan

9. Mungda Mungda : Movie - Inkaar

10. Aap Jaiso Koi Mere : Movie – Qurbani

Top 10 Bolly Songs of 80s
Top 10 Bolly Songs of 80s
Top 10 Bolly Songs of 80s
Top 10 Bolly Songs of 80s

Aap Jaesa koi Mere at number 10 is still the representative of Bolly Music of 1980s. In my next posts I am going to cover 90s 2000s and 2010s Big Hit songs and fab stars of that times which contributed various flavours to the rainbow called Hindi Music.

To close the topic I want to say that in 80s Decade Disco Song makes a film big hit and people queue up to see Mithun Da dancing to Disco tunes. Dance schools crop in small cities and tunes with big spot lights and disco lights to make dancers like “I am a Disco Dancer”.


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