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Top 10 Blog Debates That Got You Talking

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

 emmalogo4 1024x1024 Top 10 Blog Debates That Got You TalkingWe all love a good old debate and the blog hosts many interesting and even some controversial debates and I have compiled a list of the top 10 debate posts that got you all voicing your own personal views … Have you added your own opinions?


Should we choose our kids friends?

When the children ask if they can have friends in I admit if its “that child” I always say no.

Am I wrong to say that I should choose our kids friends or should it be up to them?


Does giving your child a bottle at bedtime make you an irresponsible parent?

While I am not ashamed nor feel bad for saying all my 6 children have taken a drink, either milk or juice to bed with them – in a bottle.


Is breast feeding an older child wrong in any way?

I have a good friend who breast feeds her little boy, why you may think wow how original, the thing is her little boy is almost 3 and about to start nursery.


Is using a disabled toilet wrong?

I actually felt really bad when I read a post about a mom who was upset that people without a disability use toilets designed for disabled people without a care or thought.


Child Abuse? Mum Forces Her 5 Year Old TO Wax Her Eyebrows

“Not my eye brows, don’t tear it” the devastating screams by a 5 year old child. While the mother offers a large bag of sweets as a reward if she lays back and has her eyebrows waxed?


Why I think ear piercing should be more tightly regulated

I have a very simple view when it comes to piercing babies ears.  That is simply, it is mutilation and needs to be more tightly regulated.


Is it selfish not to use contraception?

I was talking to one of my Facebook Group Mums and she was wondering if 2012 would bring her another baby. This mom is due her 6th baby any day.  I jokingly advised there is much contraception out there to prevent a baby from appearing each year.


Is it OK for others to smack your child?

While I was in the bank a boy of about three was running up and down, doing all the things young boys do. He was a cute little thing and full of energy. Are you happy for others to smack your child?


Is the Princess image damaging for young girls?

I love my girls to be girls, I love pink and frilly clothes and headbands and the whole princess look and yes Kia the youngest girl gets called Princess.


Fat mums make bad mums

While I understand that obesity causes many health problems and I know of many obese ladies who try daily to loose weigh, to eat healthy and basically do everything in her power to be as healthy as she can.


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