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Top 10 Australian Open 2012 Moments

By Thetennistipster @Tennis_Tipster

Plenty of Aussie wrap ups going on, so here’s my top moments of the 2012 Australian Open that doesn’t talk about the final.

1. Nadal vs. Federer Off Court

They’re rivalry has always been cordial, almost a bromance, but some player’s council disagreements about the schedule saw Nadal jeopardizing the status quo. You know the story by now, Nadal wants shorter season, Federer says just play less tournaments. They’re becoming like Jagger and Richards!

2. Rust Never Sleeps

Lleyton Hewitt’s career looks/looked on the ropes, but a nice run ended by Djokovic, in which he took a set of the Serbinator, was a wake up call to anyone who thinks Rusty is out for the count.

3. Nalbandiangate

Nalby has the worst luck in Grand Slams and this one was no different. A terrible piece of officiating cost him the match against Isner, which led to a furious Nalbandian (allegedly) throwing a water bottle at an official. Just win in 3 Dave, it would be so much easier.

4. Baghdatisgate

The usually jovial Baggy, lost it so much in his loss, that he smashed 4 rackets after the match still in their plastic wrapping. Anyone who has saved hard earned money to buy just 1 racket should look away now.

5. Tomic in the News

A solid display in Australia was bizarrely overshadowed by a car chase in his yellow BMW and a 3 hour stand off with police at his home. Who said Tennis was boring?

6. Kukushkin’s Kazakh Karma

Finally, Kazakhstan can be know for more than Borat, who’s not even real. Mikhail Kukushkin was the 1st Kazakh to make the 4th round in a Grand Slam. Good on ya’!

7. Birdbrain Berdych

Big Bird, Birdman, T-Bird, look I can’t decide, but I can call him Birdbrain for turning a whole crowd against him after actually winning the match. Players get hit all the time Tomas, man up.

8. Bullet Train to Melbourne

Kei Nishikori is fast becoming one to watch to reach the latter stages of the big events. He dismantled Tsonga but was knackered by the time Murray chewed him up. One of his shirt Sponsers has to be the best in years – Cup O’ Noodles!

9. Nadal vs. Federer On Court

Always worth a ticket, but always predictable, Nadal broke Fed’s heart again. I still enjoyed this one more than Djokovic-Nadal though.

10. 15 Seconds of Fame

This kid will load this clip up at parties! It’s hard to tell if Federer expected him to catch it or not, but the delivery and catch was Test cricket standard.


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