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By Burntwaffles

The impending extraction day for my dreaded braces.
Technically, I know all this crap will be worthwhile, but the process is gonna be one agonizing torture.

For the price of beauty, I’m going to try to cheat ‘pain’ a little and fork out a hefty sum for a cheap sleeping spell = I.V Sedation.
Mom’s worried, so I’ve done tons of self-research on the net, and most described the whole procedure as a breeze and uneventful. In fact, some mentioned that it was enjoyable… o.O.

Alright, I have no idea if I should trust these sources, but just the plain thought of needles is enough to scare me off dental treatment for almost seven years, so IV is still extremely daunting to me.

It’s not exactly comforting to remind myself that it’s just less than 6 days away.
Plus an additional one more week to braces.


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