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Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Chocolateandoranges
I've been in vacation mode and haven't been keeping up with posting, plus there was an unfortunate incident where I accidentally deleted my camera app and lost some pics.
Yesterday was Pike's market, lunch and beer @ a brewery downtown, wine tasting, and dinner at an italian restaurant - lots and lots of food but a good time.  
Here's the peacock at Chateau Ste Michelle winery showing off for us.
too much of a good thing?
Today I had the usual oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, plus a cinnamon roll made by Jody's husband Josh.  For lunch we did soup, salad, & breadsticks at Olive Garden in between shopping. Dinner was brown rice, brussel sprouts, chicken curry, and a ginormous piece of naan all courtesy of Josh.  Then dark chocolate and more wine for dessert.  I'm definitely deep in vacation mode- it will be time to get back to real life soon!
too much of a good thing?
I'm excited because we get to go to Trader Joe's tomorrow on the way out to my friend's condo on the Olympic peninsula.  We don't have Trader Joe's in Colorado :( so it's always a treat to go check it out!

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