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By Chocolateandoranges
I'm interested in finding a homemade veggie/bean burger than will hold up to freezing and toting to work for lunch.  This recipe was not it.
I've seen these black bean burgers pop up a few times in various blogs always to rave reviews so I thought I'd give them a try.  I even saw a commenter say they thought they'd hold up well to freezing.  Everything was going well until the first flip when I realized there might be a problem.  Nonetheless, I managed to get everything flipped over more or less in one piece and remained optimistic that they'd firm up with cooking. I even let things go for an extra 10 minutes when they seemed too soft at 40 minutes.
I still had two of six fall apart on me when I tried to pick them up at the end.  Has anyone else made these with better results?  Any idea what I might be doing wrong?  They were tasty, but unless I can get them to stay in one piece I'm not sure I'll be making them again.

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