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Too Excited to Sleep

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Guess what?? There’s something awfully exciting happening at my place tomorrow morning and I’m not certain that I’m going to get very much sleep tonight with the anticipation of it all!

Are we getting a new pet? ……. Nope, more exciting than that!

Is it my birthday? …………. Nope, it’s even more exciting than that!

Give up??? Thought so!

A man with a toolbox and a ladder will be knocking on my door tomorrow morning, bright and early. Aside from the fact that I have an active 2 and a half year old, you betcha that I’ll be up, waiting and ready for him to do his stuff – that stuff being to put one, big, huge new satellite dish upon my roof to connect me to the NBN. Woohoo indeed.

Too excited to sleep

Did you know that I’m a bit lot excited?

Really …… could you tell?

For six long, drawn out years we’ve been surviving with the crappest internet service EVER – an old satellite connection with only 5gb peak and 8gb off-peak downloads for almost $70/month.  We always run out, we always get service shaped and I’m bloody sure that we are ready for better.

You see, our house is located in a regional township that is considered the hub town of the district. Driving to our State’s capital city takes no more than 1 hour. We do not live in the sticks, by any means –  hey we even have a Woolies! The issue is that our block is midway between two towns and although our address is set in one town, our phone number is the second last number on the phone exchange of the other.

A national communications company, bless their cotton socks (not) have sworn black and blue for the past 6 years that we can get an ADSL service as when they input our number into their system it spits out as being A-ok. In fact, only a few months ago the customer service operator was so convinced of this that he mailed me a T-box along with a 200gb download and home phone package for a sweet song ALL despite me telling him (repeatedly) that we could not receive the service. Of course, I have since posted the un-connectable box back. Idiots.

You see, I don’t need another technician to come out and tell me that, sorry,  the ADSL cable finishes 2 houses before ours. I know that. Half a dozen previous technicians have told me already and I really don’t need to be pissed off, yet again. So ADSL/Broadband is just not available. Sigh.

I was then told we could get wireless. Ummmm nope. Not really an option. Can we get mobile reception? Ahhhh sort of ….. well, in only one room of the house, providing the telephone user is prepared to stand on a single leg facing east with any movement guaranteed to cause a signal dropout. Sigh.

Next it was insisted that fixed wireless would be the answer to our problem. Can I guarantee that the neighbor will remove and forever keep clear the jungle trees in her yard that interfere with the proposed signal? Well, no I can’t. Sigh.

Finally we were approved for the NBN. Tomorrow it becomes real. We’ll have faster speed, the utter luxury of 40gb downloads with no set peak/off-peak times and even reasonably priced blocks of data should we ever run out. I seriously may not sleep tonight! Did I tell you that I’m excited?????


We’re not alone are we? Have you been in this kind of frustrating position before?

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