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Tonight's Nets-Knicks Season Opener Postponed

By Joshburton @Josh_Burton1
I know this is old news (as of yesterday) but as a Long Islander (an area of New York that was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy) without power, the postponement of the planned Nets-Knicks regular season opener--official christener of the Barclays Center--is still huge news that deserved to get a post on the blog when I found a short amount of time that I could get internet access.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that with all the mass transit disruptions caused by the storm, it would be unwise to play tonight's game as scheduled. Saturday's Nets-Raptors game at the Barclays will instead serve as the first-ever regular season game at the Barclays. Also, the Knicks will kick off their regular season on Friday night at Madison Square Garden against the Heat. Living in a house without heat, electricity, and the ability to watch TV (and the beginning games of the NBA regular season) has bored me to my core and I was looking forward to escape Sandy's devastation and watch the Nets and the Knicks in Brooklyn, in a game that was sure to be a lot of fun. Instead, that game will be played at some other time during the season and Saturday's game will serve as the official debut of the Barclays Center. 
Unfortunately, thinking that we would already be going to Thursday night's game, my dad--who provides me with season tickets, thanks by the way--sold our tickets to the Nets-Raptors game. Of course, that means I won't be able to go to the Nets' first-ever regular season home game at the Barclays Center. When I found that out, I was devastated and stunned. I had been waiting years to be in my seat as the Nets opened up their new arena in a significant game and in the matter of a few days, that chance evaporated into thin air.
However, I will be in attendance on Monday night when the Nets take on the Minnesota Timberwolves in Brooklyn, unless another natural disaster wants to ruin my plans. I should be happy that I'm ok, considering the death and destruction caused by the hurricane earlier this week, which I am, but the disappointment I felt when the game was postponed superseded any of my other thoughts. I guess that's what you feel when you're a diehard like myself.

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