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Tomorrow is the Day...

By Babyjandbean
Tomorrow is the day...
Bean's dental surgery is tomorrow morning.
I wrote about it before here and here.
We have to be at the hospital at 7:45. I'm glad it's relatively early so that he won't be too hungry and grouchy.
I'm worried, though. Well, I'm not so much worried about the actual procedure - though I am a bit bummed that he will be losing at least two (probably four) teeth. What I am concerned about is the anesthesia.
Anesthesia for anyone, especially a child, carries risks. It carries even more risks for someone with Williams syndrome because of the characteristic heart problem: supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS).
Bean's SVAS is mild at this point and he has done well with anesthesia in the past (pre- diagnosis), but his condition is progressive in nature and I am his mommy so I worry.
My husband and mother are both joining me at the hospital (I couldn't pay my mother to stay away) and my husband's parents will be spending the day with Baby J and taking him to preschool. I am so excited that they will get to see him in that environment and Baby J can't wait to show them his school!

I will post any (brief) updates on my twitter (@babyjandbean - you can link to it here and no, you don't need a twitter account) and my facebook blog page: www.facebook.com/babyjandbean because the two update each other automagically and I can easily post from my phone.
Thank you for keeping Bean and my family in your thoughts.
Good night - here's to me hopefully getting at least a little bit of sleep...

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