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Tommee Tippee Animal Antics Sports Bottle

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
Tommee Tippee Animal Antics Sports Bottle Tommee Tippee Animal Antics Sports Bottle Tommee Tippee Animal Antics Sports Bottle review
Now that Sienna is only on sippy cups for her drinks, we have been exploring the market to see which ones work best for us. Tommee Tippee have bought out this new Animal Antics sports bottle so we thought we'd give it a go. We got the hippo animation with red and purple lid, so it is girly but it's not a pink overload.
It says 12+ months and Sienna is now 14 months, however, she doesn't quite get the hang of the sports top. She doesn't put her whole mouth over the top, she kind of rests her teeth on it so after a few swigs, she has pushed it closed and then brings it to me whinging because nothing is coming out. This is a little annoying if I am trying to get things done and I find myself just giving her a sippy cup I know she can do herself. I'm not sure if this is just her or if most toddlers her age would struggle with the concept, either way it doesn't seem to work for us yet.
As for the 'non spill', yeah, it's non spill when it's closed…uh, ok. When it's open? It just spills out. So Sienna brings it to me whinging it's closed, I open it for her, she chucks it down and it all comes flooding out. Brilliant! No quite the most practical sippy cup.. I am quite unsure why it says 'non spill' if it is only non spill when closed… there are not many toddlers I know that make sure they close the lid on their cup before throwing it down!
You might be able to tell we haven't really got on with this sports bottle, I'm not sure if it is Sienna's age and we will find it better when she is a bit older but if that is the case, I don't think this should be marketed at 12+m. We will keep it in the back of the cupboard for now and maybe dig it out when she is starting school…
If you'd like to try this with your slightly older kids, it is available from Asda and currently on offer at only £2.
Have you tried these? What sippy cups would you recommend? 
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