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Toddler Painting Ideas | Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

By Yongwei318
I have always preferred outdoor play and this time round, I brought along our art supplies and we had a great time painting outdoors! Read on to find out more about my experience painting outdoors with a toddler!

Toddler painting

There are many benefits of painting for toddlers. 

1. Helps with hand and eye coordination

2. Build concentration

3. Learn about colors

4. Activates curiosity!

Finger painting

Toddlers love imitating actions and expressions through interaction. I demonstrated to him a couple of times and he picked it up.
Although interaction with others is vital, it is also important that toddlers have time by themselves so that he can explore his environment at his own pace. 

What to bring for toddler painting outdoors:

1) Paint brush

2) Paper plates or drawing block

3) Non-toxic paint

4) Painter's pail or a cup (to hold water to clean the brushes)

5) Water

6) Wet wipes

7) Tissue

8) Bluetooth speaker (to play some music as you paint along)

Painting is a great outdoor activity for toddlers. We were also in for a treat for there were so many butterflies and dragonflies flying around. Now, this certainly isn't a common daily sight particularly for us city dwellers. 
Would you bring your toddler outdoors to paint? Let me know in the comments below for I would love to know!
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