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Today, Isobel Took Her First Independent Steps.

By Mmostynthomas @MostynThomasJou
Today, Isobel took her first independent steps.
It was one of those moments when you wanted to kick yourself for not having your film camera with you. At least Miles did - for it was he, not I, who witnessed Isobel's greatest milestone so far.Today in Chesham, Isobel took her first steps over roughly 10-15 feet of carpet. Of course, they weren't completely independent; she had Szilvia holding her waist from behind and another facilitator, Leandra, facing her and keeping her arms straight ahead. But that was the only help she got. Isobel's torso was firm enough for her to try balancing herself on her legs. Forget patting her ankles or facilitating her movements; she didn't need those reminders anymore. Once Leandra leant her slightly forward, she just got on with it. Lift, swing one leg, one step forward; lift, swing the other leg, one step forward. Absolutely everyone watching in the room - including Szilvia and Leandra - was agog. Of course Isobel wobbled occasionally. Sometimes one foot crossed over the other. But there was a deliberation to the moves she made, that told us she'd clearly registered in her head what her facilitators had been showing her for the past year, and had decided this time to try it for herself.Those stickers you see on her Piedro boots in the photo are a reward for her stunning achievement. We intend to collect as many of those as we can, and stick them on a chart for posterity. Then one day, when Isobel grows up, we can show it to her and tell her exactly how we felt when we witnessed her taking her first steps.I don't need to tell you how thrilled we both are - but I do hope you'll share our excitement for the future. 

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