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Today, Being Christian, Blogging and Fandoms

By Actuallystrange @ActuallyStrange

Today was a good day. Dropping one of my classes means that I have only one class on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I didn’t have any classes today because my professor didn’t feel well and canceled the class. I know he didn’t feel well because he sent a way too detailed email about his symptoms. I hope that he doesn’t get sick for the rest of the semester because that was TMI.

I have a meeting with my organisation today. It went okay, although I think that I need to try to become closer with some of the people. I think that I’ve been hanging out with the same group of people when there are a lot of other people whom I should get to know. I realised over the course of the day that I haven’t been very nice. My friend called me on this a while ago. It’s hard to treat others how I want to be treated; nevertheless, I need to do this. I want people to think that I was a nice person and realise that it’s because I’m Christian. I want to plant a seed that eventually grows into a faith in Jesus. This means that I need to be nicer.

I’m slowly discovering the niche of my blog. It’s me and what I think; however, it’s not what I think about everything. I’ve decided to not post about politics unless something incredibly major happens. I just don’t care enough and, as I posted in my “How to Blog” post, why post about something in which you have no interest? What I am interested in is literature, film, music, fashion, traveling and writing so most of my non-me posts will focus on one of those topics.

I’m also still interested in certain fandoms although this interest has greatly decreased in the last few years. I used to be absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. I wrote an angry letter to a Harry/Hermione website. I laugh at this now since my favourite non-canon Harry Potter couple is now Severus/Hermione which is much more unorthodox than Harry and Hermione, especially given what happened in the movies between Harry and Hermione.

You may have noticed that my background is now pink. I realised that my username is not explicitly female so I wanted to make my gender clear. Anyone is welcome to recommend a different background to me as long as it seems feminine.

It’s fascinating to me that I can write hundreds of words a blog post in the span of a few hours and yet writing a paper can take all night. I suppose it’s because no one is grading me on this post . . . although, what grade would you give this post?


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