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To the Moon and Back by Savage Garden.

Posted on the 25 May 2012 by Melodicwisdom

I played the hell out of Savage Garden’s self-titled album when I was a kid. I specifically remember listening to this track because there was just something I loved about it. And man, that piano at the end…it still gets to me. Though the music video fades it out, the original recording plays the piano all the way through and it’s so beautiful. (See link below) I was too young to understand the lyrics back then but later on I realized that I could definitely relate. I guess the song could be a sort of premonition of what was to come…

To the Moon and Back was released as a single in July of 1997 from their debut album of the same name. Though it’s referred on Wikipedia as one of the band’s most famous songs, I never once heard it on the radio growing up. In fact, their previous single, I Want You, was much more popular in the United States.

The lyrics describe feelings of alienation from the modern world and a desire to find love during adolescence. The single was well-received in their home of Australia but only went to #24 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

There were three different videos made for this single. You’ll find the second version above, which was intended for the United States and UK release.

To hear the full version of the song, click HERE. There might be a commercial, you’ll be able to skip it after a few seconds.

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