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To Heat, Or Not to Heat? That is the Question

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

So, here I am debating whether to heat the greenhouse through the winter, or if the cost of heating it would seriously throw the price of my veg even higher than that of my eggs. (And they are on par with the ones from the Golden Goose at the moment).

The plastic greenhouse that used to be on the patio, but used to blow over about once a week is now covered in bubble wrap, and inside the big greenhouse.  The orchid collection is currently camping out in there, but will they survive the winter, or will they need additional heating? It’s all a big mystery.

To heat, or not to heat? That is the question

Paraffin heaters are cheap, but apparently they create moisture, so all your plants potentially go mouldy. Not ideal – I have enough of a challenge getting the stuff to grow as it is, without putting some other potential plant killer into the mix.

I’ve Googled to try to find out what the pros and cons of heating the greenhouse would be, but can only seem to find answers from the depths of the USA, where they’ve had 10 feet of snow. We don’t tend to get that much.

So, for a greenhouse in the Midlands, UK, is it worth the bother or expense of heating it, or should the greenhouse-within-a-greenhouse arrangement be fine?

Answers on a postcard please…

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