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To Change a Blog Name Or Not to Change

By Ronniejt28 @hurtledto60

When I started my blog 10 years ago, it was to chart my approaching 60. I thought writing about it might help the forthcoming event. Little did it occur to me that I would be caught by the blogging bug that I would still be writing.

The choice of blog title is a lot more important than a I had envisaged if it was to be long lasting. I originally chose ‘Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond”, after a while I changed it to ‘Hurtled to 60’, a lot shorter and snappy and I had reached 60. When I retired in January 2018, there was yet another change to ‘Hurtled to 60 – The Retirement Years’. I continued to keep the blog domain name –

Why a new name

10 years on I can’t help feel that Hurtled to 60 is a misnomer, especially as I’m now hurtling towards 70!

A couple of months ago I deleted my Twitter account, there was too much political hate and quite frankly nasty comments. Dealing with COVID this year is bad enough let alone read tweets from friends and followers who are clearly angry with the Government and BBC radio programs. The occasional comment when we feel riled is understandable but continually was just too much. It was all too depressing and sad they felt so cross, rather than trying to be calm and happy, something we are all struggling with.

I found, after a while, that I missed the garden fraternity on Twitter so set up a new account. I came up with @AgingGardener, someone already had AgeingGardener so I dropped the ‘e’. That’s not exactly true, I spelt it wrong and then found I couldn’t use the correct spelling anyway. I think this will be a name that will last the years. I also changed my Instagram name from Hurtledto60 to a new one but this time spelt correctly as @ageinggardener 😂.

Now I’m thinking about changing my blog title. Will followers know it is me? How do I manage it? Is it opening a can of worms and unforeseen issues? Does anyone else have that name for their blog?

Ageing Gardener

So, Followers and Friends, this is an early warning you may shortly get notifications of posts from Ageing Gardener and wonder who the heck it is. It will be me! That is if I can get everything tidied up and it’s not too difficult.

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