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By Golfrefugees

Please read and discuss;.Sports apparel facts. You need chemical factories to make the ingredients for synthetic sportswear. Some ingredients are highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals. When you read functional descriptions such as; anti-microbial, anti-odour, anti-static, moisture-wicking and easy care these are mainly chemically based. It is chemical upon chemical upon chemical etc Your skin interacts with these chemicals via sweating. European consumer organisation (BEUC) tested synthetic sports shirts last summer, 2012, and extracted toxic heavy metals and chemicals through a simulated sweat solution. BEUC recommends you wear a natural fiber t-shirt next to your skin to act as a barrier between your skin and potentially harmful chemicals contained in synthetic; polyester / nylon moisture wicking sports apparel. BEUC acknowledged their testing procedure in the future should include toxicity of chemical combinations rather than just focus on individual substances. Golf Refugees forwarded the BEUC sports apparel testing report conclusions to the European Tour, asking them to advise their members accordingly. European Tour failed to respond to Golf Refugees request. Golf professional, do you know what you are actually wearing? If not, ask your apparel brand.
Apparel brands have access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), supplied by chemical companies. This lists all the chemicals used in textile finishers and describes their inherent risks. It makes you wonder why sports clothing brands do not make this information available to their sponsored golf professionals and consumers.

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