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TJ Maxx + Handbags + Steve Madden = A Very Happy Mamá

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
Listen, it's been a loooong month.
Lots going on personally and of course working, working, working. I finally got in a few freelance payments and I thought I deserved a little treat. You know, a gift... to my hard working self. I even went as far as to tweet my desire - I've noticed when I tweet things I tend to make them happen.
TJ Maxx + Handbags + Steve Madden = A very happy mamá After dropping off Little M at nursery, stopping by my local Starbucks for my daily iced coffee, I walked over to my neighborhood TJ Maxx.
I always start my TJ Maxx "experience" browsing the handbags first and yesterday was no different. I looped around the suitcases, passed the scarves and sun hats, bypassed the lotions and soaps and then... I literally stopped in dead in my tracks.
I had reached my destination, and, it must have been a delivery day because it was POPPING with bags of all shapes, sizes and colors. There in front of me, was a wall adorned with bright and color block/striped bags willing me to try them on.
They were gorgeous. They definitely had the OMG factor I was looking for.
TJ Maxx + Handbags + Steve Madden = A very happy mamá
However, I was faced with too many options!
I immediately gravitated to the green, white and blue, then I realized the top two were Cynthia Rowley and despite it being a great deal at $80, that was certainly NOT in my budget.
The bottom two however were more the nice price at $40. I reached for the red, white and blue Steve Madden soft leather tote, but I thought it had too much of a Fourth of July look to it.
Much too patriotic for me - sorry!  I was looking for summer-time-chic-mama look. So in true social media and style blogger fashion, I instagramed my options and it seemed everyone had an opinion on which one to get.
I walked around the store with three bags in the cart just so that no one snagged one while I was deciding. In the end I had to choose one or leave them all behind (I sound like my mamá!)
 So I took a deep breath and went for the one that had been silently calling me the entire time...
TJ Maxx + Handbags + Steve Madden = A very happy mamá
The rouge, white and taupe soft leather, comfy and spacious tote was coming home with me.
TJ Maxx + Handbags + Steve Madden = A very happy mamá
Ideal for the mom on the go without it being too "mom bag" looking. Perfect for work as it's not too loud and the taupe gives it a classy and sophisticated edge. I especially love the striped bow which enhances the delicateness and femininity of the bag. Yes, I thought about all this. I don't play around when it comes to handbags.
Seriously, TJ Maxx (and TK Maxx) te amo! 
Like I said, I really needed a pick me up and this Steve Madden tote for $40 did the trick - I even premiered it that night at an event I went to for the Another Mother Runner Train Like a Mother book reading and signing (Yes, I run!)
What I wore: Pink pumps - Marks and Spencer Animal print jeans - Target White blouse - Gap circa 2008 Tote: Steve Madden at TJ Maxx
Thoughts? Be honest! I know lots of you had varying opinions.
Have you given yourself any gifts lately? Any great TJ Maxx finds?

*Not sponsored. Just a very busy and happy mamá getting herself a much needed gift and sharing the amazing deal that this bag was*

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