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Tissue Paper Leaves

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Tissue Paper Leaves Fall leaves are made of lots of fun curvy shapes, so I had my art journal students trace them today to make a tissue paper collage of maple, white oak, elm and maple leaves. 1. Download my leaf line art file HERE, and print a page for each student. Pass out lots of rectangles of tissue paper that are large enough to cover the largest leaf, and have the students trace them with a thin black marker. 2. The leaves are cut out in rounded manner, and glued to the journal page with a glue stick. Light rubbing of a glue stick on the paper works best. 3. When the page is filled with leaves, the outline of each leaf is traced with a metallic marker. Leaf names may be added afterwards. 4. If any other space is left, more leaves may be drawn and traced with a marker and colored with colored pencil.

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