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'Tis the Season for Gratitude

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
I asked my students to write an essay on gratitude this week, and many of them were thrilled to do so.  However, some of them really resisted, and complained about the task at hand.  I realize that not everyone can easily find things to be thankful for... some days it's easier for me than others.  But I have seen the power of gratitude firsthand.  I know that taking five minutes from my day to think about my blessings, can be life changing.  It is especially useful when I find myself caught up in the "poor me" cycle... after all, my pity parties are legendary!
Taking the time to think about what I have, rather than what I still wish for - makes such a difference in my attitude.  Let's face it, wouldn't we all rather be around someone who is positive and upbeat over a cynnical, sarcastic, pessimist?  I mean sure, the sarcasm can be funny every now and then, but who would you rather call when life has you on your knees?  I am not talking about overly artificial, forced, cheeriness here... I am talking plain, positive, upbeat and KIND people.
The holidays can be such a mixed bag for folks.  Some love every minute of the jingle bell express, while others prefer to bury their heads in the mashed potatoes, only to come up for air in the New Year.  No matter what your circumstances are this year - I urge you to find some gratitude.  Spend the next month writing down five things you are blessed with every day - and see if your holiday doesn't feel a little brighter.  Some days the list will grow past five gratitude's with ease, and others you may need to dig deep to find one.
Today, I am so grateful for; a warm home, food in the fridge, a body that mostly works in the ways I need it to, a part-time job teaching students who often teach me, a loving boyfriend, the best four-legged son a girl could ask for, an opportunity to travel home to see my family in December, the courage to let go of the people who don't support me like I need, the opportunity to know new people who do, this blog, those of you who read and follow Health Hungry, Shanti Yoga Center, and my journey to health.  It is in no way a straight path, but it is mine ~ and I am grateful for every twist and turn.  What are you grateful for today?

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